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Posted by DaveinCt (Member # 5818) on :

I've dealt with Lyme and co's for over 17 years with periods of remission, etc like a lot of you.

Back in treatment now with all the usual symptoms like fibro, CFS, flu-like and neurologic (anxiety and migraines).

A new issue I've been dealing with is eye issues. I had a complete ophthalmic exam a couple months ago along with a cat-scan and they were all normal.

But, this symptom will not go away! My eyes feel very uncomfortable and heavy with the feeling like they want to go cross-eyed and go blurry, if that makes sense. It's extremely annoying and seems to happen at various times with no known trigger.

Both eyes also seem like there's a slightly detectable delay when I move them. Has anybody else dealt with this (if I'm making sense)and, if so, what did you find relieved it?

I'm currently taking alot of supplements along with A-bart (LLMD prescribed). But no Abx at the moment.My LLMD on the diagnosis sheet listed 'Toxic optic Neuropathy'

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Same here - my eyes tested normal, yet I had many symptoms.

Drinking mangosteen juice works for me - it's an anti-inflam juice you can find in healthfood stores and online. I drink 1/2 oz in the am and pm and it stops all my eye symptoms!
Posted by DaveinCt (Member # 5818) on :
Wow, thanks Robin. I've tried Mangosteen before, but unrelated to this situation. I'll have to get some more and give it a try...

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