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Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
Hi guys,

My M. Pneumoniae AB IGG, EIA level is 2.68 H
Reference range is <=0.90 ISR

M. Pneumoniae AB IGM, EIA is 30
Reference range: <770 U/ml

Does this mean I had Mycoplasma in the past? or is it like Lyme, and I need to treat the high IGG levels?

Thanks for your help!
Posted by CherylSue (Member # 13077) on :
According to Dr. G.N. you have to treat with abx.
Good luck
Posted by jwall (Member # 22999) on :
I think IGG would mean a past infection and it would need to be confirmed with a positive IGM. I believe that is what my son's labcorp test said.

LLMD said he has an active Mycoplasma infection based on his IGG AND IGM levels. He does have and has had a really bad cough for the past couple of months - mycoplasma is responsible for a high number of walking pneumonia cases.

His Labcorp IGM Lyme test came back positive too (bands 23 and 41) and his Igenex IGM positive with bands 23, 34, 39, 41, 58, and 83 positive, so who knows which is causing his symptoms of chest pain, thigh pain, and rashes on his legs, episodes of anxiety. He had no IGG Lyme bands come back, so my Dr. thinks it is an acute infection.

The treatment for the Lyme infection will cover the mycoplasma infection.
Posted by Mathias (Member # 5298) on :
Originally posted by jwall:
The treatment for the Lyme infection will cover the mycoplasma infection.

Not necessarily.....

Mycoplasma does not have a cell wall and therefore does not respond to antibiotics that depend on one to work.

Tetracycline class and macrolides are effective against some of the mycoplasma species.

Floroquinlones are effective against most species but they are not known for treating lyme.

Ammoxicilin, Rocephin, etc. will not treat any species of mycoplasma.
Posted by jwall (Member # 22999) on :
I guess I should have said treating for Lyme with the right combination of antibiotics like we are will cover the mycoplasma infection in addition to killing the Lyme.
Posted by jwall (Member # 22999) on :
And my LLMD treats mycoplasma with minocycline or doxycycline, so make sure to have that in your combination (kills Lyme bacteria as well). I think zithromax works too, but I can't tolerate it.
Posted by Mathias (Member # 5298) on :
Just wanted to put my $0.02 in on the topic. Very early in my treatment I was once told the same thing. You cannot underestimate the amount of damage mycoplasma can cause. It needs to be treated and treated properly.

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