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Posted by trimom (Member # 25843) on :
What type/brand of Probiotics do you use?

How much do you take a day?

I'm on IV Roecphin, Zithromax, Hydroxychloroquine Sul, Ursadiol, Mepron, and pulsing Tindamax

I've been taking Now brand Probiotic-10; 25 billion....10 different strains,take 4-6 per day
Saccharromyces Boulardii + Mos 5 billion, take 4 per day
Posted by jessicabooklover (Member # 39427) on :
Hi I take Bio K plus and Culturelle. After nearly dying of C Diff, I found that drinking a 3.5 ounce dose of Bio K did more to prevent a recurrence of C Diff than anything else. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Jess.
Posted by trimom (Member # 25843) on :
Where do you buyt the Bio K plus?

Thanks for the tip Jess!
Posted by AnnaL (Member # 18464) on :
For me, the best probiotic has been Natren Healthy Trinity (purchased from It's expensive, but it's pretty much essential for me.

I also use saccharomyces boulardii (usually Thorne brand). Sometimes I add in iFlora, which my husband uses. Both purchased from, which almost always has the best price I can find.

If I'm lucky, I'll use HLC Intensive Capsules from Pharmax. I buy them in town, which is why I say "if I'm lucky," because it means I've been out in town and feeling well enough to stop to buy some. They might be available online, and they are quite good.

The amount I take depends on how my gut is feeling. The worse I feel, the more I take. Antibiotic-related diarrhea is miserable and potentially dangerous. So at the first sign, I up the probiotics.

One note re: Rocephin, I found that the Natren Healthy Trinity worked really well because the formulation does a great job surviving stomach acid and bile, thereby getting past your liver (where Rocephin is mostly excreted) and into your intestines to colonize healthy bacteria.

I know that the Natren Healthy Trinity is expensive, but when I was on Rocephin, it was basically the only thing that helped.

Best of luck to you. You're on serious meds and it can't be easy.

Wishing you well,
Posted by AuntyLynn (Member # 35938) on :
Bio-K is available in the refrigerated section of the vitamin department at Whole Foods Market. (go to to find a store near you.)

OR ...try a local privately owned health food store, if you can still find one in your neighborhood.

Costs about $4.50 for a 3 oz bottle, and works GREAT! I have used only a tablespoon at a time once or twice a day and it staves off yeast infections like nothing else. (Take a bomb of abx to see the dentist.)
Posted by trimom (Member # 25843) on :
Thanks for the ideas. This Lyme and TBD so many things to navigate through.

Overnight I was throwing up and am quite nauseated today. I just started pulsing Rocephin 2gr, 2x a day plus other antibiotics.
Posted by AnnaL (Member # 18464) on :
Depending on how severe the nausea is, you can try a number of things.

I like a product called NauseaEase, designed for morning sickness but great for any nausea. It has ginger and mint and I think something else, and is really amazing at dealing with nausea.

However, I've had periods of nausea so extreme that nothing could help. And that's when my doctor prescribed Ondancetron, a prescription anti-nausea medicaiton that (for me) had few side effects. And it really worked on the nausea.

Just a couple of ideas to keep in mind.
Posted by jessicabooklover (Member # 39427) on :
Trimom, sorry I didn't respond, but Aunty gave you all the info on BIoK that you need. It is a lifesaver for me. Jess.

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