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Posted by amyb (Member # 5520) on :
Has anyone experienced odd reactions from taking this ?
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Posted by kgg (Member # 5867) on :
I think it would help if you said what reaction you are having to have more people respond.

But with any medication there can be side effects. Here is a link to side effects:

My son takes it for Adrenal fatigue and he finds it helpful. He takes what is called a physiological dose. We split up the dose so he can take it three times a day.

Posted by amyb (Member # 5520) on :
I do take it three times a day

I just have the most odd feeling over the left side of my body from finger to toes only on left side I didn't not have this symptom before the cortisol
Posted by CD57 (Member # 11749) on :
Did you just start? If you are supplementing physiologic dose as Karen says above, it may produce more of a herx response since you are enabling your immune system.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Cortef ? Physiological replacement dose range is discussed here.

Adrenal links & sleep support, too.

If a higher than physiological dose is involved, this really matters:

Topic: what do STEROIDS actually do to us?
Posted by kim812 (Member # 17644) on :
I took cortef for years and had no type of reactions to it at all....

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