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Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
Help me please. I am still trying to figure out when I am herxing.

I have been on Azithromycin 250 twice a day and Rifampin 150 twice a day since November 30th and I remain and those dosages.

Four weeks after I started I began to feel sicker than normal and that lasted for about three weeks. I began to feel better around the 17th of January.

Now barely a week later, but on the second 4th week mark, I begin to feel sick all over again. This time I have a general sick feeling, shakey, anxiety, major neck issues and now a constant nausea that seems to originate from my throat. Like a lump sensation in my throat that gives me strong nausea. I also feel cold more easily. Also I have spots of what feels like slight numbness in different parts of my body to include by tongue and inside my throat! I don't really have pain other than my neck. Just a weak, shakey, nauseas feeling that is worse to me than pain.

Is this herxing? Anyone else gets nausea with herxing?

Please enlighten me. I am freaking out and don't know what to do.
Posted by DaveNJ (Member # 17362) on :

these things are very hard to nail down....but in my opinion this sounds like a herx. Make sure you are doing everything you can to flush out all the toxins...lemon water, milk thistle to name a few.

Hang in there

Posted by emla999/Lyme (Member # 12606) on :
In my opinion, it can be rather difficult to determine whether or not a negative reaction from taking an antibiotic is due to a possible herx or due to a potential side effect of that antibiotic.

For example, Rifampin, one of the antibiotics that you mentioned that you were taking has been known to induce both hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency.

Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
Any other opinions?
Posted by LymeMom Kellye (Member # 24807) on :
Absolutely sounds like a herx to me. The 4 week cycle is the typical reproductive cycle of Lyme.

Some people herx continually when first starting treatment, others not as long. The herxes do lessen as treatment progresses.

Remember though to trust your instincts and listen to your body. I am not a Dr. and this is just my opinion.

Good luck and I hope that you find relief soon.

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