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Posted by Northerner (Member # 4215) on :
I was wondering if anyone uses Rechts Regulat instead of Warfarin? If so, how much do you take a day? And how often do you get your blood tested?
Posted by MichaelTampa (Member # 24868) on :
I take it for biofilm. Never considered warfarin. Not sure what testing you're referring to. The amount I have taken has varied from 1 tsp a day to up to 10 tsp a day for brief periods of time. Typical for me has probably been something like 2-3 tsp/day.
Posted by Northerner (Member # 4215) on :
Thanks MichaelTampa, The testing would be to see how thick the blood is. I am asking for a relative who is having bad side effects to Warfarin and wants to get on something natural. I'm not sure what to recommend to him as far a dosage to start out with.
Posted by Judie (Member # 38323) on :
My ND said it's not good to use it if you have any candida problems.

Bromelain is a gentle blood thinner.

I'm not sure about dosages for your relative, but I'd suggest a consult with and ND (naturopathic doctor).

Link with doctor search:

Your relative should probably get a full evaluation to weigh the best options and find out dosages.
Posted by chaps (Member # 25286) on :
What about Wobenzym N? I thought this was the stuff to take care of "sticky blood" and to break down biofilms?

I recently spoke to a Dr. with whom I'm going to be working very shortly told me to start taking bolouki lumbrokinase to break down biofilms in preparation for my work with him.

He said it was the best for breaking down biofilms (it better be, considering the cost).
Posted by Northerner (Member # 4215) on :
Thanks for all your advice everyone. Is breaking down biofilms the same as thinning the blood?
Posted by MichaelTampa (Member # 24868) on :
According to the blood drawing techs, who comment on blood sometimes, my blood was quite thick until I started working on biofilms. So, I do think it may be the same thing. I was never diagnosed with thick blood, I don't think anyone ever did a test for it.

But, it seems like there is almost always more than one reason for various situations. So, probably there are other reasons besides biofilm for thick blood.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
If they are on Warfarin for a heart condition or because they have a stent, then it is NOT a good idea to get off of it and on to a natural solution. They could die.
Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
I use Vitalzyme XE. Works well and you can take less capsules.
Posted by anuta (Member # 22646) on :
I take Rechts Regulat. I do D1 homeopathic dilution of it and take 1-2 times per day.

I love it. It drastically reduces inflammation, acts as an anticoagulant for the blood and even kills some infections, like ex. Mycoplasma!!!
My body craves it every day!!!

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