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Posted by LSG Scott (Member # 21624) on :
was feeling like the protocol was doing much good but now 3 to 4 weeks in it is kicking my ass,
with big brain fog and fatigue and persisting dizzy migraines, i hope this is a normal flare and herx,
i have backed off my 2tsp a day so i am hopping i come out of this soon,
well to me this salt is just as strong as true abx i welcome your thoughts
Thanks Scott
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Hi Scott,

Yes, Salt/c is much more powerful than one would expect! This is why it is advised to go slow. When you start to herx, wait until the herx calms down until you continue.

I think it might help to get the salt/c e-book from lymestrategies because it will tell you exactly when to expect the herxes and other helpful guidelines.

If I remember correctly (I don't have a copy)I do think the first herx comes at the 4 week mark. I would take a break from the salt/c until the herx calms down.

You might want to do some warm water enemas to release any dead and dying pathogens from the colon. When you are up to it, you might want to consider adding in some antiparasitic herbs.

Also drink plenty of water. Coconut water which is high in potassium will help balance electrolytes and can be very helpful.

Feel better,

Posted by LSG Scott (Member # 21624) on :
thanks Gael for your frrdback, anyone else here on salt/C
Posted by dbpei (Member # 33574) on :
I just started Salt C on Saturday. It increased my tinnitus and I felt very tired on Day 1. Today is Day 3 and my tinnitus is quieting down. I feel okay, except I have some burning pain in my stomach. I am going to try to increase my water.

I have also noticed what looks like an outbreak of acne on my face. But I had started to have more of this even before the salt c. I hope it tones down a bit. I have struggled with rosacea in the past and it seems to be returning big time.

I am on Samento and Banderol and taking chlorella 4 x day. Also taking activated charcoal as a binder away from meds. I ordered some DE and will likely take that at bedtime.

Sorry you are having a bad herx right now. I hope it will pass and you feel better soon. Please keep us posted.
Posted by daynise (Member # 39609) on :
LSG Scott-
I've been doing a very low dose of Salt/C along with Humaworm and now Paragen for a month or so.

My first day treating parasites- I just took Salt/C and it provoked massive die off/herx. I spent the entire day with diarrhea and lymph pain.

A few days later I started having a kidney herx. This lasted a week.

That's when I took Gael's advice and started Humaworm and pulled off Salt/C until the pain was gone.

The Humaworm has been much gentler and I was able to build back up to my 1/4tsp salt/1000mg C and now I'm slowly increasing that.

What the herxes indicated to me is that my body is so polluted and full of parasites and Salt/C is so effective that I need to focus on cleansing first with something less potent and then work up to higher Salt/C doses.

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