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Posted by Hoops123 (Member # 18333) on :
What's the best way to bust up biofilm and yeast in the gut?
Posted by robbiem (Member # 32092) on :
Cistus Tea and/or Diamataceous Earth. Throw in some Enzymes for good measure -- they strip the cell wall down of both quite well.
Posted by Leonardjio (Member # 32906) on :
How about this?

"Germ gangs, otherwise known as biofilms, indicate that a call to war is linking bacteria together in a hostile mode that attacks the human host.
A new study shows that NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine)1 can reduce biofilm formation by 62% - a rather astounding finding for a nutrient.

The researchers tested NAC against a wide variety of problematic bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Escherichia coli, Klebseilla pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus vulgaris.

Once these organisms form biofilms they are often resistant to antibiotics and very difficult to get rid of. Too bad NAC wasnt tested against Candida albicans biofilms, as I bet it works on them too.

The precise mechanism of how NAC works its anti-biofilm magic is unknown. NAC is an important antioxidant that fuels the production of cellular glutathione.

NAC is known to dissolve mucous and is an excellent respiratory support nutrient.
Low levels of NAC reduce the functionality of immune troops that patrol mucosal surfaces.

However, to dissolve a biofilm there must be a direct communication into the germ gang that fools its defense shield. Right now we dont know how it works we just know it works."
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
After years of effort to eliminate biofilm, nothing has ever worked as well for me as MMS. Biofilm leaves with a lot that it captured over the years attached.

Even CCSVI surgical intervention could not accomplish it as MMS does.

I have learned that yeast will only depart when the toxic metal burden is reduced and eliminated.
MMS does that also. There are other means, but MMS is by far the most effective neutralizer of toxic metals.

That is all based on my experience.

Take care.
Posted by Judie (Member # 38323) on :
Bromelain. Here's an article about it:

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