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Posted by Hoops123 (Member # 18333) on :
Does it make sense to spend money on the Igenex PCR after a few months of babesia treatment? Son is not having any symptoms but only did a few months of mepron/zith/septra for WA-1. Even if he still had it, what are the odds of the PCR detecting it? Is it best to just got off of symptoms at this point? Or, just treat a bit longer to be safe?
Posted by Tammy N. (Member # 26835) on :
I would save the money, and go by symptoms.

Also, I would treat longer to be on the safe side. After meds, you may want to consider pulsing Artemisinin for a period of time.

So glad to hear that he doesn't have any symptoms!
Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :
I did two rounds of treatment. I did not retest after the original positive Sonoma County test.

I would rely on symptoms. For me, that was the return of the headache from hell. The second round of treatment fixed me right up.

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