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Posted by Indica440 (Member # 39461) on :
Is my dose of hydrocortisone too high? I need it. I take 35mg hydrocortisone (im on abx) ... 30 in the morning and 5 in the middle of the day.

Is this too much for lyme/coinfections?
Posted by MichaelTampa (Member # 24868) on :
That is on the high side. Couldn't tell you, though, if it is "too much".

I wonder if you could manage with a lower dose if you spread it out more. Don't know if you've tried, or even how much logic there is in that. I dose mine 10.0mg before breakfast, 7.5mg before lunch, 5.0mg before dinner, for total of 22.5mg, just as an example for another pattern.
Posted by Indica440 (Member # 39461) on :
need more input
Posted by Indica440 (Member # 39461) on :
i tryed to spread it but it did not work for me. only if i do high dose once.... :/
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Cortef ? Physiological replacement dose range is discussed here.

Adrenal links & sleep support, too.
Posted by Indica440 (Member # 39461) on :
according to this thread 30 is ok...
Posted by OtterJ (Member # 30701) on :
I take 25mgs in the am, and one 5 mg tablet about 3 pm. I saw a pituitary endocrinologist because my pituitary stopped functioning, or at least part of it did. As far as I know, my adrenals are fine but the connection with the pituitary is gone, so no cortisol. Even on this dose, I have had problems with low blood pressure, but I have a family hx of low blood pressure. I have done tilt table testing, but my pressure did not go low enough for a diagnosis, but its been an issue. Possibly the dosage has been adjusted for height and weight in order to get you to a therapeutic dose. The doc should do a periodic test to see if you are getting high enough blood levels of cortef.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
sounds high to me. i was on 15 for many years and i am down to 5 now and hope to get off. i am having bone pain and now realize that is a side effect from it.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
Maybe you could try taking a lower dose to see how you feel or cut back some like 20 - 25mg? When it was prescribed to me, I started off taking 1/2. That actually worked. I took more if I needed it. That way I was able to keep my tolerance very low.

Everyone is different. 35mg would be way too much for me. If it works - why question it?

re: low blood pressure... Maybe try taking some salt like Real Salt or pink Himilian salt?
Posted by Indica440 (Member # 39461) on :
well many people have reported that its difficult to get off it. i need 35-40 to feel any benefit from it. im a "huge" guy... maybe thats why. men normally need a bit more.

i just was concerned because i thought anything about 20 would surpress the immune system and make lyme wild?!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Be sure your LLMD advises you for YOUR body and in regard to tests you've had. Doctors other than a LL endocrinologist, a LLMD or LL ND will not have the education required about the reasons for not going above physiological replacement dose.

Yes, too much can make lyme "go wild" and can cause terrible trouble for some time to come.

And too much can also shut down your adrenals from ever being able to produce naturally again - and you'd need to be on this drug for life. That is best avoided.

But you also don't want to drastically change your dose in either direction. Any shift should be very gradual and under a doctor's supervision.

If you feel you need more, OTHER adrenal support will likely be of help along with the Cortef - and may more rest. Rest is key, too.

The WILSON book is very important.

Hope you find the safe answer, together with a LL doctor, keeping in mind your size and other variables.

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