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Posted by iluvrain (Member # 40055) on :
How commom is loss of muscle tone in lyme patients?
Posted by Ann-OH (Member # 2020) on :
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Posted by Winni (Member # 36772) on :
i have lost all muscle tone. Outside of not feeling well. I dont look well. I am so sad, I worked hard to look good previously and I think for my age, I looked pretty darn good. Worked out with a body builder friend and tons of cardio...

As I first started to get some indications of being ill (4 yrs prior to Lyme diagnosis)I noticed that I did not progress like i thought i should and could never hold onto the muscle tone, it would literally be gone in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Now I have nothing.. Jello and weakness. This makes me very sad. I can barely carry groceries without hurting so bad 2 days later.. Just like i did a full hour of weights. UGHHH.

Sorry to rant, just a very sensitive topic for me.
Posted by Kat1777 (Member # 39231) on :
My LLMD says that muscle wasting (and pain) are symptoms of Babesiosis. Since I don't have those symptoms (or a few other major ones like night sweats), he doesn't think I have Babs.
Posted by Winni (Member # 36772) on :
I have Babs and Protomyxzoa Rheumatica. Makes sense.
Posted by gmb (Member # 23562) on :
I've also lost considerable muscle mass, and babs is my biggest problem.

I would do more weight training and Pilates routines to help rebuild my arms, but have had a PICC for 14 months that prevents repetitive lifting.

Hopefully the PICC will be gone real soon. Treatment fatigue is taking its toll.

Posted by koo (Member # 30462) on :
Winni, you sound exactly like I was. I ran, worked out 7 days a week, in awesome shape especially for my age. Then poof.

I honestly think it is due to the adrenal issues. I also barely had any human growth hormone. Not enough cortisol + no HGH = muscle wasting.

Treating the lyme has slowly improved this issue.

I have to share something funny and laugh though. I have a FB photo from my daughter's wedding. My hair and makeup was professionally done so I looked pretty good. The photo was before I got into my formal dress and I was just wearing a sleeveless sundress. My arms look SO thin, I really notice the muscle wasting, my face and neck look thin. All the comments were "you look awesome". Too bad it wasn't a healthy thin.
Posted by Winni (Member # 36772) on :
Koo, yes we are sharing exactly he same issue. I used to be able to push my work outs to achieve muscle mass (more tone) today I am lucky to walk on a treadmill! Hang in there, we will show em' [Smile]
Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :
Since I was totally bedridden for 9 months of treatment, I had serious muscle wasting. Mine wasn't due to lyme as much as I didn't have the activity in my legs while unable to walk.

I did do a special kind of physical therapy with a naturopathic PT person and after about a year, I did have all my muscle back, but it can get pretty crazy.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
What was your treatment of babs?
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
This thread is over 2 1/2 years old.
Posted by nomoremuscles (Member # 9560) on :
I've lost tone and muscle mass. It came much later in my illness. It does not seem to be from Lyme and co's, but rather from my gut being messed up. But who can be sure. At this point, I think most of these immune reactions are gi related.

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