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Posted by soccermama (Member # 35101) on :
I read about this place curing a man with chronic lyme who had several periods of time comatose. Just curious if anyone had experiences with the clinic.

If the moderators think this question should be discussed in a PM that is ok. I just want some information.
Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
I sat in on his free Webinars. I have a close friend that went to one of his workshops. IMHO, the guy should be selling cars.

He used me on his Webinar looking for my RN testimonial. I was contacted by one of his sales agents to try and get me down there. Cost= $10,000 for a months treatment, something like that. First 2 weeks his calls detox weeks. That fee is like $5K.

He talks fast and is very knowledgeable. He won't reveal his treatment methods on the Webinar as he says he earned the rights and why should he lose out when other Dr.'s can steal his work.

When I asked him about Glutamate, he quickly dismissed that Lamictal would help this and had no idea Lamictal was Antiglutamate.

In his slide show, he shows a horse he owns. It's a White Klidesdale. I'm sure it goes along with his fancy car.

Bottom line: I've spoken to a few that went down there and wasted their money. Most of them got IV Vit. C drips and a bunch of other amino acid drips. Not much more. In the end, they all left with Lyme Rx to take home.

If you have a drug addiction, I hear nothing but good things, but he also over prescribes Subutex I have read for this too. He was on Dr. Phil at one time and got some publicity.

Many Complaints about him here:

I know of 3 Lyme patients that went down there for Lyme treatment. None of them came back better. In fact, one was scolded for Crying during a Herx reaction. Dr. Sponagle lashed out and called this guy a big baby. Later on his Webinars, he said he hated treating Lyme patients b/c we are all such big babies and complainers. That statement came straight from his mouth.

Everything I wrote is first hand knowledge. I'd look elsewhere.
Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
Yes, many, many rip-off complaints on, etc. As of 2011, he upped his charges for a detox to $19,000, and at the end gave his patients Subutex, a very addictive opiate,

without telling them what it was, so they ended up with another opiate addiction (patient had gone there for a detox to a very mild opiate dependence). Run away from this place!
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Posted by soccermama (Member # 35101) on :
Thanks guys for the report. He was recommended on Jenna's lyme blog who does alot of research on lyme.

I thought it was interesting because she said that her LLMD from Spain recommended him. I thought to myself, "if he is so good, then why are you not going to him?"

Any other feedback would be appreciated.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Jenna must be getting kickbacks. Jus sayin.
Posted by birdie67 (Member # 35994) on :
This is where Yolanda Foster from RHOBH is getting treatment at right now.

She says she won't report on her progress until finished with treatment, to see if it worked.

That's all I know about the place.
Posted by soccermama (Member # 35101) on :
I heard that too. It appears to be the place to go if you're a celebrity. Dr. Phil recommended him on his show for detox from drugs.

It is rough to try and figure out where to go.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by birdie67:

This is where Yolanda Foster from RHOBH is getting treatment at right now.

Oh great.

Update 2014 .. Yolanda is not any better and is very ill at this time. She has gone on to other treatments and doctors.

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