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Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
I know I'm the RN and I know the symptoms and blah blah blah....

About a week ago, I had 2 or 3 episodes about 10 min. apart each with full out chest pain that went into the Jaw and Down my right arm. Put a scare into me as these are definitely heart attack symptoms, but after the third one, it completely went away and I've been doing what I do since then.

Tonight, again out of nowhere, I was sitting in a chair, almost ready to goto bed and I started getting the pain in my chest again, went right into my jaw and down my left arm again. I was belching and clenching at my throat and chest at the same time. So far, 2 episodes about 5 min. apart. It comes with belching and I break out in a sweat. This is the furthest thing from a Panic Attack and as an RN, this is the stuff we would take seriously if/when a person presented to the ER.

Since I have POTS, well it's so much better now, but b/c I have so much Autonomic Dysfunction in my history, I'm writing it off to that, but to be sure, I'm taking an Aspirin. It's almost 2am and I just don't feel like going to the hospital.

I'll re-evaluate in the morning, but wanted to see if this can be a Lyme symptom. As crazy as it seems, nothing surprises me with this illness, but at the same time, my Cholesterol is 359 with Triglycerides that are through the roof, but this is something I have seen with many of you guys. Seems like many of us have high cholesterol.

Please don't tell me I'm stupid for not going to the ER, it's just not the place I like to be in the first place, more or less at 2am in the morning.

If this happens more throughout the rest of the night, I'll be on my way to the ER.

Thanks everyone...
Posted by lululymemom (Member # 26405) on :
Do you have a BP monitor at home? I monitor myself all the time because i have symptoms that come on suddenly and then leave. Sometimes repeatedly throughout the night. I also have my beta blockers next to the bed in case i need one.. But dont like to take them so i usually dont. I figure as long as my vitals go back to normal i can live with it.

I have been checked out and even spent 3 days in intensive care but they can never figure it out. I just figure its just another aspect of lyme that i have to live with. Ive had this happen for 8 years now.

I should also say taking magnesium citrate and hawthorn has definitely helped.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
"I just don't feel like going to the hospital."

Ugh, you are being such an idiot.

My mom had been an R.N. and she was in denial when she had heart attack symptoms.
I'm glad she went to her doctor's after the family insisted, as "we didn't really feel like having to go to a funeral."
Posted by didogs (Member # 40101) on :
I have had a few experiences like yours-they are so scarey. First time, i went to er, had all the tests, everything normal. They told me it was panic attack-it so wasn't!

When my bartonella flared, I had constant chest tightness, jaw pain, arm numbness. My llmd said this chest tightness can be a sign of bart. But obviously go to er if have these symptoms.

I have only recently begun treatment for bart-after a week on meds, I have not had this chest tightness, pain. It has been 3 weeks-no chest pain.

Just my experience but I really think that, for me, this is a bart symptom. Very scarey though-sorry you are experiencing this
Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
Well, I made it through the night.

I know these were heart attack Symptoms. I will call my Cardiologist and make an immediate appointment. At 1:30 am, I just didn't want to go to an ER. I honestly didn't really care.

I have an appointment with the Chief of Neurology at Hopkins on Wednesday that I have waited 6 years for. It may be a wasted appointment, but he has reviewed all of my records and he has emailed me back and forth, etc., so I'm not passing this up even for a Heart Attack.

March 13th = 6 years out of work for me. = 6 years of waking up every single morning Shaking out of bed, breathless, freezing cold, crap oozing out of my right eye, and so on.... Well, it's been progressive..

6 Years of waking up to Xanax, Klonopin, Percocet and Benadryl.. Not for Anxiety, but for Sympathtetic Overdrive because my body is stuck in fight and flight mode.

I give you guys alot of credit for hanging around. The only reason I even keep going with this stuff is b/c of my 2 wonderful kids. Thats the stupid me that didn't go to the ER. Trust me, when I go into bed, I made stops at each of their rooms not knowing if I would see them today. If I drug myself up, I can get out with them a bit, perhaps laugh a bit, heck, I can even spit out an Arcade game that I designed here and there, certainly not a life life, but to see them grow and flourish makes it all worth it.

I won't even sit here and say it's selfish not to go to the ER just b/c of my kids. I should have and hopefully can see cardiologist today, but outside of the 2 best kids in the world, I initially lost my Brother to lung cancer. That couldn't be helped. X-wife was abusive and the Caty list to my getting sick.

But, I have 10 or more living relatives that I was close with that might as well be dead. Let see: My Father and Step-mother have nothing to do with me. My Real mother in California has nothing to do with me, Sister in Cali, nothing to do with me. First cousins gone but still alive, all of my HS Friends I grew up with, Gone...

So back to my kids... I'm headed to the ER b/c I've had 2 more episodes while typing this. Update everyone later.
Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
Thank goodness you are going to the ER!!!!!!!

Hope everything turns out ok.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Gary, I'm glad you are FINALLY heading to the ER! God bless!!
Posted by didogs (Member # 40101) on :
Thinking of you!!
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :

Just woke up to seeing this post. Left you a voicemail message. Praying that you're okay, and soooo glad you went to the E R. Be in touch when you can please! [group hug]

Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
So sorry you are going through this. Waiting for the update...

Much love,
Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
I'm home. They wanted to keep me, but I declined. My Cardiologist told me that my Troponin should be Elevated with what I described.

Troponin is Negative as was D-dimer. I am going for a Stress Test in a few days.

I stress test is Positive, I'll have a Cath he says and I guess get Stented if needed.

I just don't understand any of this. I have seen the same Presentation 100's of times when I worked ER. My presentation is of that of someone having a massive MI (Myocardial Infarction), yet the EKG and Bloodwork are 100% Normal.

This is Proof pudding that this disease can Mimick ANYTHING !! Insane I say... I hope the Stress test is positive and I need a stent just so this makes sense.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Glad you are "OK".. if there is such a thing! Keep us posted.
Posted by kim812 (Member # 17644) on :
Just read your post...oh my gosh I would have been scared out of my mind. I know with this illness anything can happen and I think sometimes we get to the point where we have so many different symptoms that it is hard to tell what might be serious.

I am so sad to hear you are going through more crap from all this....
Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
If they wanted to admit you then you are not fine. Just my seems like they don't admit anyone these days.
Posted by lymetwister (Member # 19590) on :
I have a Stress Test set up for Thursday, better than laying in a Hospital bed any day of the week for me.

The Stree Thalium will show if I have any blockages that need to be addressed.

Thanks for all of the support.

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