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Posted by xrunnerx2012 (Member # 39306) on :
I'm going to South Beach, Miami this weekend until Thursday. I am really looking forward to laying in the sun and soaking in the salt water. I am trying to make this trip an opportunity to really cleanse and eat very healthy.

I am currently pulsing Mepron 3 week on, 1 week off and I take Bactrim DS everyday. I am stopping the Mepron this friday and I also want to stop the Bactrim DS as well. I am worried about the sun and I think my body just needs a break.

I will still be on chlorella 3x5 tabs a day, cholestyramine, A-FNG, A-V, high dose salt/c, olive leaf, alpha lipoid acid, and parastroy. Also probiotics.

Do you think it's okay to take a break from the Bactrim? I have been on it since December. I've gained little progress with my head pressure/head aches. I am determined its fungal or viral after the huge head herx I had when starting the A-V/A-FNG and chlorella.
Posted by Sammi (Member # 110) on :
I think it would be okay. I would bring the meds with you just in case. You could always ask your doctor what he/she thinks.

I hope you have a blast!
Posted by Ellen101 (Member # 35432) on :
I would go for it. Check with your doc to make sure.
Posted by thomasx (Member # 13431) on :
I went to Disney and stopped while I was there. No big deal. Check with doc.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Sounds good to me! I would take the meds along too. Esp the meds for babesia.

Have a great time!
Posted by Dogsandcats (Member # 28544) on :
When I went on vacation the doc said it was fine to stop my meds. I just took probiotics was nice.

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