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Posted by happydaychick (Member # 37799) on :

I am starting a 3 week pulse of flagyl next week. I feel great right now so I am little (a lot?) nervous about potential side effects and herxing, but hoping that I might be nearing the end of treatment.

I've read that Vitamin B can help ease the side effects. What kind of B vitamin should I take - B6 or is it better to take a B Complex? I already take 1000mg of B12 daily.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I would take a B-complex.
Posted by happydaychick (Member # 37799) on :
Posted by girl (Member # 18022) on :
B complex. It will help protect your nerves from the Flagyl. Definitely a good idea! I took the liquid for fast absorption.
Posted by tickled1 (Member # 14257) on :
B-Complex but make sure it contains the active/methylated form which is methylcobalamin (sp?). Also, has to be active folate not folic acid.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
I've taken Flagyl daily for many months and I also do methyl b12 shots and extra b6. I've had no side effects from Flagyl so far.

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