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Posted by jessicabooklover (Member # 39427) on :
Hi everyone. I have been experiencing really horrible aching in both legs for a few days now. It is a crampy kind of aching. It makes me feel awful.

Does anyone think this could be an electrolyte issue? It is driving me mad. Thanks. Jess
Posted by Messa (Member # 38065) on :
I don't know about the electrolytes. i think thats real possible. is it like your muscles locking up and tight or joint throbbing? when ive gone wout drinking much my legs hv locked up. since i been more on top of drinking n hvn salt it's better. I've had the deep aching in my legs before. It is draining.

Sometimes I wonder if its my bodies actual reaction (like auto immune) to being sick or if its just the bacteria. Who knows.

If you cant take meds for pain, take a warm bath or have your husband massage them? I know I know. Don't feel guilty asking him to do this. I always feel bad asking my hubby but we are sick so........I know I love him and I would do it for him [Smile]

Sorry wish I could be more help. Hope it eases up soon.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
I had awful aching pain in my legs that began a couple months after an unexplained round red rash on my leg.
Rest did nothing for it, massage did not help.

It did not improve until I began taking sublingual B12.
Posted by OtterJ (Member # 30701) on :
Jess, I had this pain in my lower legs that felt like someone with a sledgehammer had hit both knees and the pain went down my legs. It turns out I was

deficient in iron. I've heard here on the boards that it can be a magnesium problem as well. Have

you had a blood draw to see if your electrolytes are balanced and you have the proper vitamins on

board? I'm not talking about the Flintstone type, I use gummie type of vitamisn since reg. vitamins

upset my stomach, and then add other vitamins like D and B6 and iron back in throughout the day.
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
Yes, this can be from electrolyte imbalance.

Can also be from catabolism, which can happen when one is not getting enough calories.

Heating pad, warm bath soaks, Homeopathic Causticum or Aurum Ars. are all things I use to help with the wandering leg pains I get from Lyme/co's.

Maybe something in that list may help you, too?
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
That is one of the common symptoms of protomyxzoa. I am having a bit of a relapse right now and have mild aching but when it is bad it feels like my muscles want to cramp.

When I first started treating it, the herxing was like having the flu with bad body pain in the muscles and joints. Sometimes it would feel like it was pulling the tendons away from the bone.
Posted by jessicabooklover (Member # 39427) on :
Thanks everyone so much for the responses. Jess
Posted by dogmom2 (Member # 23822) on :
i get aching in my legs after a walk about 15 min. It helps if i stretch them gently afterwards. I actually have to stretch them or won't be able to go for a walk the next day.
Posted by annxyzz (Member # 20404) on :
The first thing I would do is add minerals : tiny bit iron, extra potassium , and magnesium citrate ( 3 caps bedtime and sleep very well too ) . THat may help a bunch - probably will.

After that I would consider an enzyme for inflammation that many people say takes away pain - serra peptase . You can read reviews by users at iherb or amazon. I will caution you that it releases biofilm and can cause a huge herx . I started with 2 caps and felt so sick I thought something was wrong! It was the biofilm and more lyme being released . When I cut the dose down , I felt a big difference . It will help you fight lyme and has done remarkable things for arthritisand so many kinds of pain . I am impresssed with the reviews , even for cardio benefits .

That is my intuitive 2 cents. I hope you get some good ideas . Lyme net is a blessing because we can put our heads together and brain storm, and we can encourage one another .

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