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Posted by Lisa Lyme (Member # 33537) on :
Hey, I got my MRI results and they showed nothing wrong at all. That must be good news, but we can't put a finger on treating my neuro symptoms.

My Neuro is not on board with the Lyme treatment, but is humoring me for the time being while I do abx with my new llmd.

Will my neuro symptoms improve from the abx?
Posted by happydaychick (Member # 37799) on :
Yes, your neuro symptoms will improve! My muscle twitching, buzzing, and stabbing electrical zaps have either improved or gone away. My brain fog has started to clear (My short memory is better and I am recalling words and not mixing them up like I used to)

That is very good news that your MRI is clear! I had 2 neurologists misdiagnose me and some do not believe in Chronic stick with your LLMD.

Best of luck to you!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Most neuros are clueless about Lyme. I actually found one here who told me a few months ago... "You have (had) LYME? Well, that explains a whole lot of things. It affects all body systems!"

I was shocked! Here's the kicker .. he's from India. Open-minded, evidently!! He's also not arrogant like many Drs from the US.

He's a keeper!

Your Lyme treatment should get rid of your neuro symptoms. It will take time.

Thankfully, I never had bad neuro stuff.
Posted by treeinatree (Member # 38613) on :
He did?
I wish there was a "faint dead away" emoticon.
Please send him down this way!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
True! I nearly fainted dead away!! [lol] He's very nice. If I ever really need a neuro I'll feel comfortable.

Right now he's trying to help me with pain issues.
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
SPECT scan tends to show more in lyme patients. Functional MRI also. Occasionaly an ordinary MRI shows white matter lesions in lyme.

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