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Posted by iluvrain (Member # 40055) on :
I had my appnt with Dr. C and we agreed to start with doxy. I already was taking bactrim, which brought me back to life...but i could not miss ONE day or the head pressure became severe and weighting my body down.

So as i was switching from bactrim to doxy, i left a day between to give my body a break. Bad. Very bad. The head pressure went again thru the roof and had trouble even standing due to the pressure, lots of weight on my head and pain in my teeth.

My question this unusual to become that bad off abx for one day for tick born infection? I was reading through his literature and it talked about stopping an abx during a herx since the bacteria is slow growing and will not make you lose ground and doesnt grow as fast as strep or staph.

He did say he was worried about strep in my jaw or teeth due to my oral pain. We wanted to test for strep but have to be off of abx and i couldnt when i went to see him. It gets serious off of abx ..heart rate will shoot up, head pressure, and pain going all down my neck, back to where i can hardly hold my head up.

An oral surgeon has suggested a bone biopsy...but again i have to be off of abx for two weeks...and i have no idea what to do. I dont think my pcp understands...they think im just talking about a headache....and its so much more than that.

Anyway...does one day of missed abx sound unusual for that? I have been on bactrim for a couple months...took one day off and that is what happened. I started the doxy and it didnt get better...until i added the bactrim with it after three days. It seems my body is needing the bactrim. Thoughts?
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
I know some abx are anti-inflammatory, and that is what is helping us more than the bug killing...especially if the bug has become resistant to the abx, or we are not on the right abx for whatever bug(s) we are trying to kill.

I have a similar situation with Flagyl - when I miss a dose, my hands become nearly unusable. But if I get my dose the next day, all is fine again.

I have to wonder if there is a coinfection that is being kept at bay but not completely eliminated by the Flagyl (my LLMD said it has some activity against Bart.)...

Anyway, I'd ask your LLMD what causes such heavy symptom relapse so quickly after stopping abx.
Posted by jackie81 (Member # 27031) on :
I wonder if its actually a coinfection that you are dealing with that is causing the head pressure when you go off the bactrim?

Bactrim is actually used againts both bart and babesia and I think those two are pretty fast growing.

So my guess is its not the lyme..its a coinfection
Posted by iluvrain (Member # 40055) on :
Okay, bart has been tossed around due to my symptoms. The first llmd i saw here local said bactrim helps bart...he was sort of stumped that it helped me.

Dr. c wrote me a new script to stay on the bactrim too if i wanted. I didnt want to bc yeast is such a big issue for me. But the symtoms got so bad, i added it back.

So...the cos like bart and babs grow faster? Thats interesting. He wrote in his literature that strep grew faster and he said he was concerned about that with me. I would have to be off abx for two weeks to test for it. Why cant a regular doctor do a blood strep test? Anyone had that done?

Thank you
Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :
You could have strep titers checked: blood test fom labcorp, don't need to be off antibiotics.

ASO titer and Anti-DNase. Can google those for more information.

But yes, Bartonella could be a factor, too.
Posted by iluvrain (Member # 40055) on :
Did you relapse quickly with bartonella? Head pressure?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Agree with jackie.. it's likely a coinfection.

As for the yeast, watch your diet closely and take mega doses of probiotics.
Posted by iluvrain (Member # 40055) on :
Is bart worse than lyme? It seems the bactrim helps me more than the doxy. I backslid bigtime off of the bactrim. So it wouldnt be unusual for bart to cause enourmous head pressure off of one day of abx?...also today the numbness and heaviness came back in my lower had been gone for about a month!

Posted by didogs (Member # 40101) on :
I get mega head pressure off of meds for one or two days. It is bart for me. I am sorry you are experiencing this. I agree with the above posts-it is likely a co-infection.
Posted by iluvrain (Member # 40055) on :
Thanks that helps. I emailed llmd and they said it was unusual to backslide like that in one day for lyme. He said it could be something else like strep and i may want to consider bone biopsy of the jawbone.

I was devastated...I called and asked could this be bartonella? They called right back and said he said bart could be your problem. So i am sticking with the bactrim and doubled the dosage to recommended dose. Head is already hurting more...exactly like it did when i took the bactrim for first time and sent me to er...i had no idea what i was dealing with.

Well, upping the charcoal, water, baths...and i hope bartonella is right track and i dont need to chase down something else entirely.
Posted by Ellen101 (Member # 35432) on :
Even the coinfections don't reproduce that quickly. One day off of antibiotics would mean the drug is still in your system. This iswhy usually with a used it can take 3 days off to feel any relief. I think like another poster said it is probably the antiinflammatory properties of the Med keeping things at bay. Also how much are you taking a day? Could you possibly step down gradually?
Posted by iluvrain (Member # 40055) on :
So you think even bart would not have caused that tremendous of symptoms with one day off?

I was actually only taking one....but the script was for two while treating a " dental infection" . I had trouble with yeast, didnt want to take two.

But after talking to Dr. c office, i am going to just add badk the bactrim at recommended dose in case it is bart. He had just said in the beginning you can keep taking it if you want. But now i see i have to have it.

I also think i have to check in with an internist on what exactly happens when i go one day off. Its just finding the right words to make them understand. I will look totally fine and normal...until i skip a day...then i can hardly speak due to the head pressure.

Has anyone taken diamox? He did prescribe that for it but havent tried it for head pressure.

I just started treatment with doxy last week after seeing first llmd and getting diagnosed. So i wonder if it will just take a while to arrest it...but he did state it was unusual...but then lat said it could be bart.


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