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Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Is it safe for people with Lyme on many antibiotics to have their eye dilated? I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm on a lot of meds that I didn't want to divulge to other doctors. If need be I will refuse the dilation if it's not safe to do that with Lyme or if the drops could interact.

Plaquenil, rifampin, biaxin, bactrim, flagyl, mino are my meds.
Posted by droid1226 (Member # 34930) on :
summer, it was uncomfortable, but only temporary. i also told nobody of the abx i was on. i'd take someone with you if you have vertigo. i couldn't drive afterwards, the eye/ear combo was too much.

it will make you feel funny and look crazy for a couple hrs. if it's necessary, i'd do it again though.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Thank you droid. I wear contacts so I'm used to having drops and stuff in my eye. I was just worried about interactions. I think it will be good for them to check my eye well since I've had transient blurriness for months.

I'm a little afraid of what they might find though. Hopefully no visible damage or optic neuritis.
Posted by Ellen101 (Member # 35432) on :
It's perfectly fine and very helpful to have your eyes dilated. It's the only day for them to view the back of your eye, check your retina etc.

But please share your current medications with them. Although they would not interact with the dilating drops certain meds can affect the eyes so it's important for the doctor to know what to look for.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Thank you Ellen and Droid. I will get it done if they want to do it. I will tell them about Plaquenil because I know that can cause problems, but the others I'm not going to mention.

I think it would raise red flags in this community to be on all those abx at once.

I tried to look up the meds that are used to make sure they aren't steroids. That was my main concern. I don't believe they are.
Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
I had mine dilated with no problems.

You're right about telling them about Plaquenil. My eye Dr checked my visual fields because of it. Had I not told him, he would have only done a regular check up.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Thank you laxmom.

They didn't have the equipment for the visual field testing there so now they are sending me out to another office in about a month. Is that absolutely necessary to get do you think?

Could it cause problems for my LLMD? My LLMD is not well-known. It's a "regular" doctor that primarily treats other conditions. Is it weird for someone to be on Plaquenil? It wouldn't raise flags?

I listed some of my symptoms on the medical history form but not my meds. Only Plaquenil. She asked me what I take it for and I told her joint problems and left it at that.
Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
People with auto-immune problems take Plaquenil too. It's no big deal. They won't ask who prescribed it.

I always said it was for some auto-immunish stuff, that I couldn't remember the name.

I was told that Plaquenil could affect your visual fields. So, I felt it was necessary to have it checked.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Indeed, it is essential to do the dilation test so they can see all they can.

As mentioned above, you may need someone to drive you home (or wait there for an hour or so before drving), especially if you are very sensitive to light.

In years past, I was able to drive afterward but then as lyme hit, there would have been no way for me to do so due to the severe light issues.

The dilation will increase light sensitivity for a while (and maybe for the rest of the day) but overnight, all should go back to normal.

I'm very sensitive to most medicines, even eye drops and I did just fine with dilation (even if it burns just a bit at the beginning).

They will give you some disposable sunglasses but you might take your own - and a visor or hat with a good brim.

As I recall, I've been unable to focus or tolerate any light for a few hours afterward. Best to go home and rest in a calm room afterward. Be sure your meal prep is done in advance, etc.

Although a bit of trouble for a little while it is VERY important to do this. Don't skip this vital step for eye health.

After this is done, you could ask them for a sample eye drop to rinse your eyes out with a soothing solution, no preservatives.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
If they are suggesting a visual field testing, yes, it is very important to also go and do that.

Very different from dialation test. I don't think any drops are used for the visual field test.

No, it should not cause any issues for your LLMD at all. You do not have to even mention lyme to them. This is a test to see if there are any neurological deficits in your field of vision.

You can Google for more detail. It's good to have this method of evaluation if suggested by an eye professional.
Posted by Ellen101 (Member # 35432) on :
Yes, absolutely do the visual field testing with plaquenil. You do not need to worry about your LLMD as this med is prescribed for different conditions. FWIW I have always been honest with all the meds I'm on. Your doctors are best at knowing which drugs cause what as well as which ones can interact with others. I've never understood the need for secrecy. After all unless you are using a million different pharmacies to get your prescriptions from, what must the pharmacist think.....
Posted by rera2528 (Member # 29886) on :
I agree with what has been said above. I took plaquenil for two years, and I was checked every six months. My eye doctor said yesterday that the protocol has changed to every year again, but that if I go back on it, we will restart the tests.

The visual field test is so important. I have a mini one done every time I go in, but the long one (which it sounds like you are having, and long is very relative, as in just a few minutes) is very comprehensive.

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