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Posted by Hoops123 (Member # 18333) on :
Seem like a good combo?
Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
Luv it!
Posted by Hmm... (Member # 39308) on :
Anyone else? I'm about to do mino and plaq as well. Anything to look out for?
Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
Mino can cause dizziness and sun sensitivity. Def wear sunscreen. Don't forget ears and backs of hands.

Plaq is an easy drug for most people, though I did have nausea with the first generic I tried. Had to switch generics, then it was fine.
Posted by beaches (Member # 38251) on :
I couldn't tolerate the plaquenil. I think it's a great med and it's been around for many, many years.

I'd advise ppl to try it. I think generally the majority have no problem with it and I am in the minority.

As for the minocycline, I personally wouldn't take it in the sumner unless you are someone who avoids the sun/beach/outdoors.
Posted by txgirl09 (Member # 21612) on :
Bump. I'm on this combo and its been tough on my gut.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
I've only done min with tindi and others, not plaquenil.

Sounds like a great combo to start with. Be sure to take plenty of high quality mixed strain probiotics (2 hours or more away from abx), and eat a low carb, sugar free diet

Posted by desertwind (Member # 25256) on :
Had to stop Mino and switch to Doxy cuz the Mino made me dizzy and gave me vertigo. I combo Flagyl with Doxy and that is a winner for me.

Mino is a bit better for sun sensitivity as compared to Doxy but bad vestibular side effects.

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