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Posted by jlcd1 (Member # 18138) on :
So I would like to start my daughter on this, she is 7. Should I just start out very slow and work up to 1/2 the adult dose? Or should I just start with cumanda, samento, banderol, burber and Pinella?

I was thinking the 5 of them would be a good start.
Posted by soccermama (Member # 35101) on :
I started my daughter who was seven at the time on Cowden before her first visit to see her LLMD. I followed the protocol until she was at half the adult dose.

She tolerated the herbs but I did not see significant gains. I
Posted by aMomWithHope (Member # 19255) on :
FYI: If using the Cowden protocol and not purchasing the full monthly protocol, I suggest you contact them (Nutramedix) to verify that you are getting the infused herbals.

I didn't learn until after I had purchased individual Cowden herbals (from Nutramedix) that the infused herbals only come in the kits, so results may not be as favorable as using the intended infused.

(I was trying to save money by purchasing only the herbals I felt would be useful for my dd and found out later that they weren't really considered the Cowden protocol if not infused, i.e., part of the monthly kit.)

This was a couple of years ago, so this may have been changed by now, which is why I suggest you call to verify that you are getting the same item as in the kit.
Posted by Hmm... (Member # 39308) on :
Not very impressed with Nutramedix. I've tried various products of theirs and don't feel they have helped.

I've used burber for flares and never found any relief from it.

I have also never heard an explaination as to how Sparga is supposed to detox sulphur. It is made with asparagus which is high in sulphur. Maybe I'm missing something but this does not make sense to me.

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