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Posted by Hmm... (Member # 39308) on :
Diagnosed with low T but hadn't treated in a while.
Finally decided to get pellet implants.

I felt a decent improvement in many symptoms for about two weeks and then I crashed right back into all my symptoms.
wtf? I was hoping I had leveled up and could enjoy being off the bottom. Now it feels as if the testosterone is doing nothing.

I am so confused at how it could help for a brief window, then stop. Brain fog and fatigue were lifting. Better stamina and self-confidence.

Now that's gone [Frown]
Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
You don't say whether you are a man or a woman. My husband uses the testosterone patch and replaces it each day. It is helping.

I use bio identical testosterone cream daily and it is bringing my numbers up.

Have you been tested for MTHFR? If you can't detox well that can cause all of the symptoms you listed.
Posted by Polkahero (Member # 37841) on :
My LLND who is also an Anti-Aging Specialist doesn't like the pellets. I got my T levels back into normal range by doing once weekly low dosage injections of testosterone cypionate and thrice weekly injections of HCG.
Posted by Hmm... (Member # 39308) on :
I'm male. I've tried patches and gels and sub-lingual.
Only the sub lingual really brought up levels but the compounding pharmacy I used put aspartame in it so I stopped!

MTHFR- I am heterozygous for A1298C

I just wonder why I would start to feel much better, then suddenly drop off again?
It shouldn't be related to T levels bc they should stay very consistent with pellets.

I was so happy bc I though a few symptoms were getting resolved, or at least greatly improved, but now I am back to misery of mind and body.
Posted by terv (Member # 29410) on :
My husband has Low T. he told me to write the following:

The reason you have crashed is because when you first got the pellets you had the T from the pellets AND the T your body was making. However your body has a control loop that determines how much T your testicles should make. Once your body sensed T was good your body stopped making it's own T.

So now you are basically back to where you started. The basic problem is your control loop is broken. It thinks T is high enough when it's really not. There can be many causes for this. Your doctor really should have looked for the cause before treating.

Now you are stuck on replacement that is not sufficient. To make matters worse your pituitary has stopped sending LH to the testes to tell them to make T.

The best solution at this point is to use HCG along side the pellets. The HCG mimicks the LH your body is no longer producing. It should boost your T up from where it is now and more importantly keep the testes viable.

This is critical if you want to remain fertile. Once the pellets wear off you can regroup and decide where to go from there. If the HCG is not enough you may also need to supplement with some other exogenous T in order to get your T to a proper level.

Good luck and when the pellets wear off look into the root cause of your low T.
Posted by Hmm... (Member # 39308) on :
It was my understanding that the pellets contain enough T to supply usual needs. I've been to other docs/endos which tested me for pituitary hormones and I seemed fine.
If I get a blood test and my T reads in the upper normal levels, then I will have no need for hcg etc... And I will have to see that previous boost as a fluke.

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