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Posted by soccermama (Member # 35101) on :
I have searched the internet and can't find the answer so I am hoping you all can help me.

What are the laws governing the timely filing of an insurance claim?

I do not have a private plan but one that is governed by the Federal government.

Any help would be appreciated.
Posted by munchin (Member # 38744) on :
90 days
Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
It depends on the plan. Ex. Medicare has confusing rules based on the part of the year the claim falls in.
Posted by lyme987 (Member # 22148) on :
don't know about gov't plans but my private plan gives us a year
Posted by Lyme2Long (Member # 40937) on :
There is no general rule, each policy has it's own requirements. Surely you're safe to report within 30 days, after that, need to read the policy or call them for assistance.

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