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Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
I tested homozygous for MTHFR C677T and negative for A1298C. In my readings I learned that people with MTHFR issues cannot take Bactrim.

My doctor just switched me from Rifampin to Bactrim and I wondered if anyone else with MTHFR issues take Bactrim without problems?
Posted by beths (Member # 18864) on :
I took bactrim for over a year before I found out I had the MTHFR mutation-really helped me turn the corner!
Posted by Jane2904 (Member # 15917) on :
I believe the reason is Bactrim depletes folate.

People with MTHFR do not convert folic acid to the

active form. So Folate needs to be supplemented.

Sorry I do not have any links to support info. Hopefully more will come along with more details.
Posted by JenniferMN (Member # 29920) on :
One of the zillions of blood draws Dr J had me do at Labcorp was the MTHFR, DNA Analysis.
The result was:
C677T Single mutation (C677T) identified.

Interpretation: This patient's sample was analyzed for the MTHFR mutations C677T and A1298C. A single copy of the C677T mutation was identified. Results for the A1298C mutation were negative.

There is an entire page description of this test result, but what is the bottom line? Am I supposed to be taking something like Folate...??

Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
I am heterozygous for A1298C and my LLMD has me take Methyl Protect and Methyl B12.

However, my son's Dr said that A1298C has to do with Dopamine and Seratonin...and that C677T has to do with B vits and Folic Acid.

It's all so confusing.

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