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Posted by Boxermom2 (Member # 38974) on :
I'm having so much trouble timing the antibiotics, A-Bart, A-Babs and vitamins.

I juice veggies in the morning, so I do A-bart and A-babs about an hour before juicing, then after juicing I wait 2 hours before taking Minocycline, I have lunch and vitamins 2 hours or so after the first dose of Minocycline. At least 2 hours later I do A-Bart and A-Babs again (I'm doing them together, does anyone know if you're supposed to do them separately?) Then about an hour later I take minocycline again, and after dinner around bedtime I take Levaquin.

What I'm having the most trouble with is the fact that I have only three opportunities to eat anything - breakfast, lunch and dinner. With cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten I have lost way too much weight. I'm down to a size 0/2 and still seem to be losing weight. I need to be able to eat more so I can stop losing weight. I'm packing in as much of what I can eat as I can during my 3 meals, but not being able to snack is not good for me.

Any advice is much appreciated!!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
1. SNACKS - Why are you not eating 2 - 3 snacks a day? Snacks are vital. Just wonder why you avoid that?

To be clear, snacks are just small meals of real food, not processed "snack foods". A snack should have all 3 food groups as any meal: protein, complex carbohydrates and fatty acids.

If it is job related, tell human resources that you must consume a snack for health reasons. But you'd surely get some break time to do that, I would think?

2. cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten need not result in unwanted weight loss. So, it appears that you may not be getting enough food.

WILD RICE is wonderful helper as are BLACK and RED RICE.

Not sure about QUINOA as some with celiac are finding they may react to that, too. But, even if you start with the wild and dark rices, that will give you more variety.

NUTS, nut oils, are excellent, too.

all kinds of veggies, all colors, up to 9 cups a day, some say.

Good proteins, which you likely do with each meal already. Eggs are fabulous anytime.

You say you juice veggies in the morning - so just want to be sure you also eat a full breakfast.

Again, to be clear, "breakfast" should not be the typical American breakfast at all but a meal that could be enjoyed for lunch or dinner - maybe with a more "breakfasty" twist with the way it is seasoned. And with low-sugar dark berries or a tart apple.

Even a good fresh veggie juice would not be enough for any meal.

Hope this helps.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Hi Boxermom,

I was so glad to read you take mino also.

I wake up and take my thyroid med.
Then I take my parasite pills.

Half hour later, I take mino, clarithromycin and tinidazole with my meal at breakfast.

Half hour before lunch, I take my parasite pills. Then at lunch, I take 100 billion cfu probiotics with iron, multi, vitamin d.

Half hour before dinner-parasite pills. Then at dinner I take Mino, clarithromycin and tindi.

About an hour after dinner I take boron.

Then right before bed I take 100 billion cfu of probiotics with magnesium, mineral and Thyrosyn.

Whew. And pretty much get up to pee several times a night because of all the water to wash the pills down. Haha.

I have the opposite problem as you...I keep gaining weight on three meals a day.

Perhaps with your breakfast you could include a bit of protein, and a handful of nuts or seeds, or even a spoonful of some type of nut/seed butter?
Just a bit extra protein and a wee bit of fat in the morning may help slow the weight loss.
I'm not sure what your dietary restrictions are with nuts, but I soak mine overnight-I find them easier to digest.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
There can be exceptions that one's doctor can advise. However, as a general rule, keep apart by a couple hours, both directions of the clock:


Supplements (whether nutritional vitamins/minerals or herbs)

Probiotics (just as some Rx, some herbs can negate probiotics)
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
The note above about a bit of this or that at breakfast compels me to say:

Several hundred calories are required by everybody for breakfast. Every body requires calories and a well rounded breakfast should be at least 300 - 500 calories. Several snacks of at least 100 calories a day are necesary, too.

Smaller meals with higher calorie snacks may work better for some so that they are actually getting 5 - 6 small meals a day.

Every meal and every snack should have something from all three groups: protein; complex carbohydrates; fatty acids.
Posted by MichaelTampa (Member # 24868) on :
Back when I took the Byron White herbs, my pendulum normally said that about 5-10 minutes between the two was appropriate. I have taken them just before meals and just after meals.

Whenever I took abx, I took with meals, even when I took 3 different ones, took them all at the same meal. The 1/day ones I took at breakfast, and 2/day ones I took at breakfast and dinner. I'm confused why you are taking them away from food. I never took mino, so if there is something specific about that, I wouldn't know. I took factive this way, which is similar to levaquin.

Keebler, I'm doing just fine 3 meals per day, not sure why you would make snacks a general rule. I'm sure some do better that way, but others do better 3 meals per day. Particularly back when my digestion was poor with lots of acid reflux, each time I ate caused problems, eating smaller meals but more per day just produced more problems for my esophagus and stomach. So, I do think these things can vary. For those with blood sugar issues, obviously this can be caused by lyme disease, but treating with proper mineral supplementation made a big difference for me.

Obviously if you're losing weight, you are either not eating enough, or not digesting your food well enough. Try more volume or more dense food; or try digestive enzymes.

I always do probiotics right after meals, even when I took abx during the meal. I know others disagree. I think there we'll just have to agree to disagree. I'm sure that was the right choice for me. Perhaps others are different, perhaps just using improper thinking. I don't know if anyone going that route ever used energetic testing or tried it the other way to see if it was better or worse.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Good points about what works for one person can differ for others.

The reason for snack? Gathered my experience and what I've read regarding adrenal issues where energy can crash every few hours and glycemic "longevity" to avoid drops in blood sugar.

Some with stomach issues also have a hard time eating enough at a regular meal.

For those who are much more stable with their body & brain energy & alertness - and glucose, this may not be necessary, as you point out.

The idea is the maximize the chances for cells to take up nutrients. A good snack can be even just a nice glass of SPIRULINA (or that in some other way). It may not be enough solid food to take come Rx with, but a snack like that is a great nutrient snack for the cells.
Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :
This is just me. And, input from an LLMD.

When I did Byron Whites, I spaced the separate tinctures about 10-15 minutes apart.

When I took Bouloke, Serraptease, Klaire Interphase, that required a very empty stomach so it would get the biofilms, not food.

First thing on waking, I took those (okay, and coffee)
Hour or so later, came my 'killers' which I take/took together:

Antibx, yeast killers, herb killers. Then, I wait at least a sold 3 hours for my 'heal and replenish'

Be that probiotics, milk thistle, NAC, Curcumin, transfer factors, adrenal (a.m.) vitamins.

Rinse and repeat. The only antibx I remember that required empty stomach was Levaquin- maybe rifampin, either way, I complied.

Can't do binders well- but I have had to (some months of CSM powder, nightmare to fit in)

Before bed, Oxy powder to cleanse bowels, or, Natural Calm drink mixed with buffered C.

Right now I'm on herb tinctures (Buhner like) 3x a day, I try to keep from food best I can.

I still take my probiotics away from them- I have a 3 hour rule.

Posted by Boxermom2 (Member # 38974) on :
Keeber, yes I have a full breakfast consisting of eggs and gluten free cereal and almond milk. I throw in an apple sometimes. I've never been a very big breakfast eater, but the issue I'm having is that my LLMD says mino should be taken on an empty stomach, 2 hours before and after a meal. That tells me that I shouldn't eat for four hours around taking the mino. Same goes for Levaquin. That's 8 hours of my day that I am not supposed to eat. This is where I'm getting frustrated.

7am - A-Bart followed by A-Babs (wish I knew if I could take these in the same water)

8am - Juicing for vitamin punch, NAC, Thyroid med, Magnesium and Breakfast.

10-11am Minocycline and water

1pm - Full lunch with vitamins and probiotics

3pm - Minocycline or A-bart and A-Babs depending on where I am and what's more convenient.

5-6pm Dinner with snacks before hand if I'm late getting dinner going.

8pm - Levaquin

10pm - Probiotics, Lorazepam, and melatonin.

If I snack between the meals then I won't be following the directions for the abx.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Boxermom-That is interesting about the mino and taking it away from meals. Another thing to put on my list to ask about for when I visit the doc next.
Yes, it will certainly mess up my abx and other schedule if it needs to be taken away from food.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Light snacks are fine even 30 minutes afterward, just not one of dairy.
Posted by OtterJ (Member # 30701) on :
GretaM, what parasite pill are you taking? Also having to take thyroid and other hormones first

thing in am. I take NAC and R-lipoic acid after breakfast since these can make me nauseous, as well

as Co Q 10 and 2000 units of D3. I've added milk

thistle and B6 in the afternoon after lunch for the same reason I can't take other meds on an empty

stomach-- nausea.
Posted by Boxermom2 (Member # 38974) on :
Good to know about the light snacks. Thanks, Keebler.

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