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Posted by Messa (Member # 38065) on :
Anyone know if its worth trying?
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i was going to use it or did...duh...lyme brain and i compared it to mitochondrial energy booster and decided it was easier for me to use it than take a bunch of supps i was taking separately: b's, e, d, mag, carnitin, lipoic, and most impt coq10

i usually dont like combos cuz i like to control the dosages...but this has worked ok for me. i feel the difference if i dont take it. it is much cheaper and easier than getting all separate-but i wonder about the quality
Posted by Messa (Member # 38065) on :
Ok thanks!! Anyone else? I saw online that Stephanie vostry has had success with it. Does it really give you what you need?
Posted by LymeXtu (Member # 24590) on :
I tried it for a couple of months but did not notice any benefit from it.
Posted by Messa (Member # 38065) on :
Ok thanks

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