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Posted by JKSmith614 (Member # 40995) on :
My 27-yr-old daughter has started treatment for Babesia-Bartonella-Lyme, and is being told she will likely need IV antibiotics since she has neurological symptoms. Her current insurance (Medicaid) won't cover them and we can't afford the high cost.

Any recommendations or suggestions? Offline replies welcome and kept confidential.
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
If this is your real name, you should not be using it on a public forum. Use a screen name instead...notice that is what everyone else here is doing.

One alternative to IV is IM, shots in other words. Rocephin and bicillin can be done this way.

If it has to be IV, there are places to buy this and self-administer, once you have had a demonstration of how to do it from visiting nurse, or other source. Using a home health agency to supply this will be prohibitively expensive.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I hope there is way for her to get what she needs.

Another avenue to consider for many who have either not been able to afford or tolerate abx treatment - a rife machine. Initially, there is a cost but, in the long run, far more affordable. Just a thought.;f=1;t=117755;p=0

Topic: RIFE Machine - Reference LINKS

LL Naturopathic links here, too.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Another consideration (as part of a plan, along with whatever treatment path is chosen to address specific infection - and support methods, too):

The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy: Potential Benefits in Cancer, Autoimmune, Neurological and Infectious Disorders

- by Elaine A. Moore & Samantha Wilkinson

Posted by ladycakes (Member # 12619) on :
Our insurance wouldn't cover more than I think it was a month of the IV therapy, so we switched over to Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They paid for everything.
Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
Do you know which IV drug she will be on?

Infuserve is reasonable for most meds. I know medicare won't cover it but with neurological problems it is only going to get worse.

I hope she is at least on orals.

I had to go on IV and am now in remission.
Posted by treeinatree (Member # 38613) on :
Medicaid coverage of meds can vary from state to state and within the same state. Are you certain that none of the needed tx would be covered? Do you know a *good Medicaid case manager, or is there a Medicaid ombudsman in your state?

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