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Posted by windowlite (Member # 26620) on :
Hi everyone ..

I've only been diagnosed after 23 yrs Lyme from Fibromyalgia 3 yrs ago. Does anyone else feel like they've been pummeled all over and get shooting pains down their back/spine and tendons that feel like they're soooo tight you're on 'the rack' being pulled till they snap??

I'd really like to make contact with someone who has these problems and might have but doesn't need to - have a reasonable solution for the deep pain and shooting pains (I have to crack my spine)

Love to hear from anyone who feeling like chatting and sharing 'anything'!!
Posted by luvema (Member # 26650) on :
Yup. I get this all the time.

Also all my joints/ bones crack like crazy and are very weak. I get shooting pains in my back all the time.
Posted by faithful777 (Member # 22872) on :
That is rough but lots of have gone through that. I found for me that a bath with water as warm as you can stand it with Epsom salts helped for a while.

Lavender oil in the bath will also help.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Hi all,

I second faithful's method of a hot epsom salt bath.
This and an IR sauna is the only thing that loosens up the tendons and ligaments in my body.

My neck and back crack upwards of 40 times a day. First thing in the morning I creak and crack so much I sounds like a bunch of firecrackers. Haha.

Also, Thieves essential oil in apricot kernel oil rubbed on my joints and muscles helps.

I use a product called "Wood Lock" on my neck.
It's the only thing that helps my neck. It stinks to high heaven but it works great-totally worth it.

Beware of imitations.

Also cipro and other antibiotics from that family can cause tendon and ligament issues.
Posted by treeinatree (Member # 38613) on :
The Burrascano guidelines mention neck cracking as common in Lyme. I have it too. Can't lean forward and straighten up without major cracking, so tens - maybe hundreds of times a day, yes.
I had shooting pain in past but it seemed to not go together with the cracking.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
According to my LLMD, the cracking is caused by inflammation. When my inflammation is under control - no cracking. When it isn't, my neck, shoulders, ankles etc.. are constantly cracking.

There are lots of over the counter anti-inflammatories aside from NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen) that appear to be safe.

I'm not a doctor
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
The two best helpers for me:;f=1;t=123746;p=0

Topic: MAGNESIUM LINKS sets;f=1;t=121034;p=0

Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Liver support is also essential to help reduce pain and inflammation. How & Why:;f=3;t=030792;p=0

LIVER & KIDNEY SUPPORT & and several HERXHEIMER support links, too.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
I don't have the cracking but I have had really severe cramps that felt like my tendons were ripping. It was from babesia and also protomyxzoa.

I took magnesium but it didn't help. That would be for normal cramps. Calcium causes the muscles to contract, while magnesium causes them to un-contract. That is why people who are magnesium deficient get bad cramps.

But if you have protomyxzoa magnesium is used to build biofilm to protect the pathogens so you don't want to supplement it. My cramping is pretty much gone now and I even take LipoPhos EDTA now and then to bind with the magnesium in the biofilm.

Very Hot water stops my cramps. You might also try taking valerian because it is a muscle relaxer and also helps you sleep better.

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