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Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
I can't find any photos. Are they small "nodules" or can they be larger swellings noticeable, but not painful or of a different color from the other nearby skin? Doesn't itch, not a bruise.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
You can have nodules under the skin along the outside of the thighs and upper arms. They are about the size of marbles and you do not notice them until you press them - they hurt.

You can also have swelling that appears to be edema but does not leave a dent when you press it (not filled with water). These swellings can be anywhere, even on the face.

You might have streaks (cat scratch) that are purple or red, crusty moles, loss of pigment or peas size brown spots. You can have tiny red spots that look like blood blisters but this is also a symptom of babesia.
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
Thank you. This is a largish swelling on my arm, between elbow and wrist. No dent when pressed.

But I have no other bartonella symptoms, so wondering what this could be. Bart or something else even more sinister.

Have an appt. with a local GP, but doubting he is going to figure it out if it is bart, and not thinking it is very likely if that is the only bart symptom. Tumor? Sometimes people have been told tumor when it was bart. The reverse may be true also. Geez, I sure wish I had more confidence in doctoring.

My lyme doc out of state and not a bart expert by any means.
Posted by xoxoxox (Member # 18778) on :
Could just be a cyst. Have had friends who have had one before. Same location.
Posted by nomoremuscles (Member # 9560) on :
Mine were on my shins, about 4-6 inches above my outer ankles. They looked like swollen lymph nodes; not quite marble sized, more like pregnant green peas.

My doc thought they were from bartonella, though who really knows for sure. They did come out very strong, along with intense shin and calf problems and water retention, when I was treating (supposedly) for bart. They still come out on occasion, but are much smaller and don't stay around as long, and I don't think the bart is gone.
Posted by rera2528 (Member # 29886) on :
This could be completely unrelated, but I am having a lump/bump removed from my upper chest/shoulder area in September. The surgeon said it is a cyst (it doesn't seem to be a tumor at all).

It appeared in the spring, and it grows and shrinks. When small, it is the size of a small pea. When it grows, a small marble. There is light bruising around it all the time.

When it appeared, I had been off abx for six months. I was just doing Bab-2 and supplements, but no bartonella treatment. I felt symptoms returning, so my LLMD recommended trying PR treatment.

It was then that the cyst thing appeared. I am now treating bart and lyme again with A-Bart and abx, and the cyst is still there. I have wondered whether it is actually a bartonella lump.

I'm not sure that helps, but I understand what you mean about wondering what it is!

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