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Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
As much as I try not to get paranoid this is bothering me and I need to ask.

While I was away visiting my LLMD I made a short trip with family friend to Reston, VA to their house. We stayed maybe 45 minutes and I never sat once at the house. Did not go on the deck with the rest of the family. I did however stand outside by the parking lot where there are trees and asphalt.

That was Saturday. On Wednesday, while back in downtown DC, I felt something itching me on my thigh and I felt like a pimple like thing on my thigh through my pants. That night I passed rubbing alcohol and thought nothing much of it. I returned home on Thursday and that evening I sat a perfectly round pinkish circle around the pimple like thing.

I passed Vicks on it and the next day the pinkish circle was gone, but the pimple like thing is still there but less.

What are the chances of this being a tick bite? And the fact that I am on Rifampin and Azithromycin will that remove the chances of a new lyme infection?

I know, I know. I am a bit paranoid, but.....
Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
I forgot to mention that I was also running a low grade fever of 99.8 at my LLMD's appointment.
Posted by LymeSwimmer (Member # 40540) on :
Hi prayerworks

No worries - I would be paranoid as well.

Could be a tick bite, but like you said, you were doing your best to keep from being exposed.
I have had similar reactions to insect bites from time to time - do you think that might be it?

Also, earlier on in my Abx treatment, I would have EM like rashes show up in random places on my body - the LLMD had mentioned that he sees that from time to time i.e. lyme specific antibodies circulating to other tissues and causing this sort of immune response.

I still do from time to time, get itchy red pimple things too - not sure what causes them.

My gut tells me, that because you are on antibiotics the chances of having a new Lyme infection should be low.

Not sure if this helps, but thought I would share from my experiences to date.

Thoughts and prayers are with you!
Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
Thank you Lymeswimmer for your experience and thoughts.

Anyone else has any thoughts about chances of a new lyme infection while on rifampin and azithromycin?
Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :

Anyone else care to offer input? Will another tick bite cause symptoms to get worse or will the current meds (azithromycin and rifampin) take care of a new infection?

Please help! I am very anxious about this.

Thank you.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
When I was treating lyme disease and its coinfections, my lyme doctor told me I was covered if I got another bite during treatment.

What you are describing is what happens to me when I get an insect bite--mosquito or other insect.

It seems to me from what you described that the chance of this being a tick bite is very small. And, since you are on zith, you are covered for lyme disease anyway.

Rifampin treats lyme, bartonella, ehrlichia, and mycoplasma. So, you are covered. I'd say stop worrying.

What does it normally look like and feel like when you get an insect bite?
Posted by prayerworks (Member # 37602) on :
TF normally when I get bit by a mosquito nothing really happens. I don't really get any other insect bites. But with this one I felt fluish. I did push myself hard on this trip. The sicky feeling could be due to the stress of traveling, the full moon and my period is a few days away.

Still......that doesn't explain the perfectly pink/red circle the size of a quarter around the pimple.

I contacted my LLMD this evening and she said the same as your LLMD ..... that I should be covered with the meds I am on - Rifampin and Azithromycin.

I am concerned because there are days that I don't take the pm dose of Azithromycin because of my stomach. Usually I do, but on the trip because of eating late I skipped maybe two nights, though not consecutively.

Lyme family I am so sorry for being such a wimp and burden. It seems to me I am always in need of you all and I have so little to offer back when it comes to this stupid disease!

Since I got sick last year my temperature was always on the low side, now while on this trip it rose to the 99s and it is still like that. It comes down late night and early morning and then during the day it goes back up to the 99s.

Thank you all. I will pray and hope for the best!

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