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Posted by Messa (Member # 38065) on :
I've been having really bad under eye swelling, sore throats, headaches and now pressure in my chest. Has anyone had pressure in their chest like they need to cough?

I have been treating babesia. Mepron, Zithromax, art and crypto plus.

Thank you
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
What has helped me with lungs and to get stuff moving along for all body parts:

Water. Plenty of water. Green Tea. Diaphragmatic breathing. Gentle vibration of humming, singing.

Google: Himalayan Salt Pipe Therapy

Google: Yoga to open lungs (for gentle poses)
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Hi Messa,
When you cough, is it productive? Does anything rattle around?

I had the pressure to cough but then had a dry cough-usually resolved in one coungh.

Have you previously ever had, or been treated for asthma?
Are there any allergens near where you are? Ie: forest fires, pesticide spraying, wood chopping, lots of grass cutting or many flowers in bloom?

When I have allergy to something, my eyes get puffy, my throat gets sore and my asthma gets irritated.

Also, and I don't want to scare you, but have you treated for bartonella?

I just started treating for Bart. It flared it's head while I was treating Babs.
One of the symptoms is swollen lymph nodes with sore throat or tonsils.

Anyways, slippery elm lozenges really help me when I get a sore throat.

I hope you feel better soon
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Magnesium is also a splendid cough management, especially when spasms are involved as so often are with coughs.
Posted by Messa (Member # 38065) on :
I've been wondering about allergies and asthma.

I haven't treated bartonella yet but need to. I also need to get back onto taking magnesium. Got out of the habit.

Anyway thank you guys for the responses!!

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