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Posted by patches10025 (Member # 20983) on :
I have been on Tindamax and Minocycline for about four weeks.

my fatigue and irritability is now not very bearable. Cutting back on the drugs only works until I start up again. I am beginning to think this is not going to work on my lyme.

Posted by rowingmom (Member # 41213) on :
Our daughter was never able to tolerate continuous tindamax. She herxed so badly from it that we could only pulse, 3 days on, 4 days off, giving her body a chance to detox. Each successive herx was smaller than the last and we were finally able to wean of abx at the end of it all.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
It's probably working a little "too well?" We herx every 3-5 wks.. so you are likely in your monthly herx right now.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Hi Patches-
I pulsed tinidazole (tindimax), one week on, one week off.

The week off was the worst.

For me, it seems to take about 3 days for something to "get into" my system.

So I figure the first 3 days-building up...then 4 days of tinidazole blasting away the lyme.

I always had an increase in energy during the week on the tinidazole.

However, when I had a c diff scaren I quit all other abx and quadrupled the tinidazole for about 3 weeks straight.

WOWSER! Talk about fatigue and headache! Whew! Terrible!

That surprised me because I had enjoyed tinidazole prior.

Is it possible that your dose or pulse length may be too high?

How long have you been on the two?

And did you start them at the same time? Or start with one first, then added the other in after a stretch?

Mino in the beginning gave me crazy ear pressure and some bad headaches.

I hope others chime in here soon.

From what I understand, tinidazole is easier on the body that flagyl. Not sure what other drugs blast all forms of lyme.

Best wishes
Posted by patches10025 (Member # 20983) on :
Thanks. The Minocycline had little effect on me.

The Tindamax knocks me out, makes me feel terrible for the next two days, even if I only take 250Mg.

It's too bad because I had high expectations for it.

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