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Posted by OtterJ (Member # 30701) on :
Has anyone here been diagnosed with this? After a confrontational appointment with a trainee doc who wasn't even a pituitary endo resident, my previous pituitary endocrinologist who was the supervisor that day came in and said even though my MRI's of my pituitary gland were clear, they thought i might have histiocytosis. This can also affect the lungs. Just wondering if there is someone else out there dealing with this.
Posted by delljen (Member # 25090) on :
Otter J,

I had never heard of, histiocytosis before so I googled it to get more information. Much of the descriptive information I found on histiocytosis made me think of Bartonella or even Brucella. So I then googled (histiocytosis bartonella) together and found info like this;

"Granulomas associated with CSD occur not only in lymph
nodes but also in the liver and spleen and in osteolytic lesions
of bone (1354–1357). The appearance of these lesions on
radiographic and ultrasonographic imaging studies may suggest a number of other diagnoses, including multifocal osteomyelitis, Langerhans cell histiocytosis, and metastatic neuroblastoma (1358–1361)." Found on: (page 2715 of )


I just thought you might find this info thought provoking and that you may want to research this idea further. All the Best, S

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