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Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
Hi all,

I'm doing very poorly. I've been off abx for a month, as per my doc's instructions, and in addition sprained a muscle in my chest- which is agony and takes a long time to heal.

I injured myself while trying to get out of a jacuzzi when I was on vacation for only one day.

My lyme sx have returned big time. I am having such shortness of breath also.

My doc took me off abx because my bilirubin count was elevated and he was concerned about my ekg. My heart was racing. I've since had ekg's and they were fine.

My family thinks I should try naturopathic, but I'm already on Samento and teasel root and cryptolepsis, and nothng else. Other than vitamin c and isocort, co-q-10.

I gave up as I don't have spousal support- he gave up on me too- and I can't even make the emotional or physical effort to contact a doc.

I have extreme shortness of breath and I don't knwo why. A chest x-ray did come out with finding of hyperinflation of the lungs and flattening of hemieagrams which may be consistent with COPD.

I've had some mild astmatic incident once or twice,

I am NOT a smoker as copd is primarily from smoking, and lead a very clean-cut lifestyle.

My pcp does not think I have COPD, and inhalors don't help me.

My LLMD thinks it may be overload of adrenal fatigue, but am taking isocort and not helping.

I'm not being treated for babs or bart or anytning. When I was on IV treatment, I still had bad shortness of breath. Can it still be babs?

I'm so sick- too sick to even post or email. And chest pain from muscle is excarbating everything. I injured myself and felt something go snap.

A chiro told me that it was a broken rib, but thankfully she is wrong.

I was in ER with for that pain Thursday night. They took another xray and thankfully not broken, but sprained and inflamed.

They told me to take advil which does help, but its is hurting my esophagus and stomach.

Do I call up my LLMD tomorrow and ask to restart IV treatment? If he's willing? I think he's scared to treat again because of this LKyme war.

DId anyone hear of Dr. S. P. in Connecticut? He had retired and is now restarting to practice again.

Is he good? I made an appointment to him in November for a second opinion.

I have gotten very depressed. I just can't fend for myself anymore. I don't have the emotional wherewithal to even pick up a phone to a doc, and call for help.

What can shortnes of breath be if inhalors don't help? When I ws on IV zith and one mepron a day, I still had shortness of breath. I can't remember if it ws this bad.

People were telling me this weekend not to throw in the towel. Well, towel's thrown in.

with no spousal support and too sick to work to make any money,I feel like I'm gone.
Can naturopathincs help?

A chiro told me she treats lyme naturopathically, I don't know if she's good enough, but my husband is willing to take me to her. Or do i call back my LLMD to go back on abx..--if he'll let me.

Any ideas?

Sorry for this long rambling post, but that's the poor state I'm in.

Been treated for ten years, and am still sick.
Posted by Rivendell (Member # 19922) on :
Call your LLMD. Might be Babs. The cryptolepsis should be helping with the Babs, but maybe it is not the right herb for you, or you are not taking enough.

Also, if you want to try something on your own, the Buhner protocal is good:
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
If I call my LLMD, he doesn't believe its babs.

He told me an adrenal overload, but I don't know if that's it.

Is cryptolepsis enough to take on its own for babesia?

Am I wrong in thinking I need abx along with the crypto?
Posted by Rivendell (Member # 19922) on :

Have you been checked for allergies?

You may have a specific allergy that is trigering your shortness-of-breath, and needs to be avoided/treated.

Best Wishes
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
I am also feeling very 'lymie' and I don't think Samento and teasel root are enough.

Did anyone treat with just Samento and teasel root?
Posted by Rivendell (Member # 19922) on :
Check the Buhner protocal. Stephen Buhner thinks that Japanese Knotweed is key to treating lyme.

Also, sometimes people are allergic to herbs. Maybe your are allergic to the samento or teasel root?
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :

My liver was cleared that its fine,-the bilirubin count was dropping after the meds - as was the subsequent EKG fine.

I'm also feeling achy, is that Lyme or babs?
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
I just downloaded the Buhner protocol.

I had the shortness of breath way before I started the Samento and Teasel root.
Posted by Carol in PA (Member # 5338) on :
Talktel, you could speed the healing of the muscle sprain by using PEMF, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

I have the SOTA Magnetic Pulser, and I am impressed with how quickly it helps inflammation to go down and injuries to heal.
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
Is that the rife machine? I have no access to that.
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
would you reccommend I go back on abx? I feel so achy now.
Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
I bet the Naturopath can help. Your gut needs healing and that's their specialty.

At this point, you have been on antibiotics so long, Lyme might not even be the main problem anymore.

I would give the naturopath a shot. It's the one thing you haven't tried...and it might just be the kind of treatment your body needs right now.

The 2nd opinion in Nov will still be there if you need it. And your current LLMD will still be there if you need him.

When you aren't making progress, it never hurts to jump out of the box and try something different.

Heck, I'm injecting myself with mistletoe to boost my immune system now. Will it work? Who knows. But if it doesn't, I will try something else.

You know the end result of going back on just wade water, not true healing. Try the naturopath.

[group hug]
Posted by OtterJ (Member # 30701) on :
This could also be bartonella. These organisms like Bart and Babs can also use up your iron

stores in your red cells and you have nothing left in your red cells to bind oxygen, hence the

air hunger feeling. I get very intense muscle spasms in the intercostal muscles in my chest and

legs due to lack of iron. Check your iron and ferritin levels. Another person here on the

boards has alpha 1 antitrypsin defciency gene. This can cause emphysema and COPD.If you do not

have asthma or even if you do, you could ask for a test for this. Sometimes looking to your

family's history is helpful. Do you have a parent or grandparent who had emphysema and did not

smoke?I am for a co-infection causing this. Lyme does not need iron for its say to day living and uses manganese instead. I like A-Bart by byron white.
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
thanks lax mom! and otter.

I have an appointment to that chiro today in NJ who supposedly treats naturapathically. I'll see iif she's lyme literate enough.

I'll also check into what Otter said.

Noone in my family smokes, and do not have empysema. But my mom does have some sort of airway issues that make breathing difficult. So I don't know. Its not emphysemia, and I don't think its COPD.

I never had breathing difficulties until Lyme & co. came along. But the past year its been impossible.
Posted by lax mom (Member # 38743) on :
Oh that's perfect then! I hope you have a great appt. Let us know how it goes.
Posted by Talktel (Member # 7980) on :
I'm skeptical about how much she knows.
But I'lll see what she says.

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