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Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
Does anyone have any experiences to share about this? I'm taking it with Cumanda, Samento, and Banderol OR Quina (those two are in rotation).

Antibiotics are not an option for me right now. I am self-treating due to financial reasons. I am well-educated on various treatments. I've been pretty much a full-time Lyme researcher for the past several years.
Posted by TNT (Member # 42349) on :
I would start out very slowly, depending on how severe you rate your babesia symptoms. The higher the load, the harder you will be hit! Very powerful herbal. One drop sent me into a tailspin. --- Just my two cents.
Posted by MannaMe (Member # 33330) on :
My husband has been using A Bab. Start slow and work up. He's currently at 20 drops per day.
Posted by didogs (Member # 40101) on :
I love the BW formulas. I agree with the above posters-start slow. One drop in glass of water and only take one sip, for example. Wait a few days prior to increasing and if you herx keep it at your initial dose. Hopefully catgirl will pop by-she helped me alot with these drops. They are potent. Good luck
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
I haven't reacted strongly. I'm on 10 drops 2x daily. It's hard to tell though since I already feel horrible from some quick progression that happened when I went off abx.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
Byron White's herbs are awesome. They work for many people. The trick for me was to VERY slowly up the drops. I went even slower than I was instructed to. It's not so much that I needed to, it's just what I did. I went weeks on a formula before I even upped it one drop. If I herxed, I went back down, even if the herx was mild. The key is not to herx.

Everyone is different. For some people, one drop sends them into a tailspin. For others, they can slowly increase them easily. Still, if it's easy, don't rush it. IMO, it's less important how many drops you're at, and more important how slow you go. I never tried to hit the top dosage.

Look at it less as how much you can tolerate, and more as: slow and steady winds the race. It's human nature to want to get well quicker, so it's only natural to want to up the drops. Unfortunately, doing so can cause treatment failure (not worth rushing it).

Summer, if you got to 10 drops quickly, then I would back down. You don't want a strong reaction at all.

Didogs, I'm so happy BW herbs are helping you. [Smile] They make me feel better than when I was on abx.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
I can't really tell if I'm getting a reaction or not. I was so sick a few weeks ago that I couldn't get up. That was 5 weeks off abx. During that time I did nothing to address infection.

Then I added Quina, Cumanda and Samento and very quickly I improved enough to not be bed-bound. I'm still not feeling well though from that time-span. I have a "typical" level that's quite bad so I can't even differentiate herxing anymore. I do have a nearly constant low-fever though which I think might be evidence of some herxing.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
I'm so sorry Summer (couldn't get up). It sounds like Cowden's herbs are working for you. I would stick with them. It does sound like the low fever is from herxing. We are all different, and different things work for different people.

I would try and keep a journal and note how you feel after each formula. Then note how you feel in the middle of the day, and at the end of the day. My guess is that either A-bab on top of the Cowden herbs (combo) are making you herx, or it could be from just the A-bab.

Either way, I would back down and see how you feel (lower your dose). My herxes were so mild on BW formulas. It also depends on everything else you're taking (artemisinin, etc). Even just adding GSE on top can cause more herxing, in which case you would need a lower dose of the GSE as well as the herbal tinctures.

I hope you feel better soon!

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