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Posted by sparklyholiday (Member # 42456) on :
I am only a few doses into doxy and I CANNOT stop sweating!!! I feel fine otherwise!

But it's so uncomfortable!

It's 65 in my house and I am wearing no sleeves and am SWEATING like crazy! It started after my first dose of doxy yesterday and has not gone away!

*fanning self*

Is it just me? LOL
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Haha! No, it's not just you! It happened to me with doxy and also biaxin.

It got better with time though. I think about three weeks in.

I have a cupboard full of antiperspirants from those first three weeks.

Everytime I open the door it's an avalanche of deodorant. Haha.

Is your core temp getting hot? Do you have a fever?

Hopefully it's just the doxy sweats.

Well not "just", cause they suck, but hopefully your body temp is stable.
Posted by sparklyholiday (Member # 42456) on :
Thanks Greta! I just checked my temp and I do not have a fever... 97.8 :-)

I guess I will have to dig out my 80's scrunchies, pull up my hair and apply extra deodorant! LOL My son is going to think I'm nuts b/c I'm always cold! hahaha
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Sparkly-that's hilarious and so true!

I stopped trying to straighten my hair and had to pin my bangs back. Even then my ponytail still managed to frizz out.

And some days, yucky, when I would take the elastic off, my hair would be wet from sweat.

Blech! Yuck!
Posted by sparklyholiday (Member # 42456) on :
HAHA, that's exactly what I just did! Pulled my (damp!) hair up and pinned my bangs back!

I was even sweating in the shower! LOL
Posted by MamaBear11 (Member # 25116) on :
I also sweat constantly! I've been sick for 17 years though and have only just started treatment, so for me the constant sweating is a symptom of my illness and not the treatment.

You'd know me as soon as you saw me - 25 degrees F in the grocery store parking lot, and I'm the one in the t-shirt and capris.

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