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Posted by sparklyholiday (Member # 42456) on :
for several months, I've had pretty bad edema... I've tried drinking more, decreasing sodium, drinking less, less carbs, more protein, less protein....

My urine is almost always clear too...

Does that mean my kidneys are not filtering? I have a follow up appt for my Lyme on Tuesday and I'll ask the dr. but just curious if anyone here has had this issue? It's kinda making me nervous!
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Hi sparkly,

Where is the edema? Is it primarily in your feet?

Ask your doc if it is bartonella.

I had the same problem, I thought, but it was Bartonella the whole time.

What about dry skin brushing?

I don't like the process myself, but it honestly helps the lymph move fluid around and filter it, so I do it diligently, but with a frown on my face. Haha.
Posted by sparklyholiday (Member # 42456) on :
Greta, yes... mostly in my feet/ankles... a tiny bit in my face, not not really anywhere else.

I didn't actually link that to possible bart - but I did post a separate thread with bart questions b/c I get the bart rashes!! So that's all the more reason to ask my dr. about it!! (I have a follow up on Tuesday).

I just started dry skin brushing last week! I'm not a fan of the process either, but I read all the fantastic benefits of doing it.

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