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Posted by crazyhavanese (Member # 42617) on :
It's been 4 weeks since my complete hysterectomy. I have been very achy and fatigued besides my insides hurting.

Today I have the chills and feel achy and fatigued like the flu.
I had a flu shot 1 1/2 months ago.

I was tested for UTI and it was negative. don't want to call the surgeon bc I have a feeling it is Lyme related. I have been off abx. for 2 years after treating a long time.

Lyme dr. told me to take mega doses of Vit C,
B-12,CoQ 10,zinc,etc.

I am laying in bed and cant even get up to find a thermometer.

I felt better after the first 2 weeks as far as achiness and fatigue.

ANY COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS???? I haven't felt this bad in a long time.

Thank you!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I think you should go ahead and call the surgeon, just in case.

Past discussion:;f=1;t=126632;p=0#000012
Posted by hopeful4 (Member # 8486) on :
I agree with Lymetoo. If it were me, I'd call the surgeon.

Best wishes.
Posted by crazyhavanese (Member # 42617) on :
so I called the surgeon and she said I would not be having these symptoms 4 weeks after the surgery and it could be the Lyme.

She told me to go to the emergency room but I chose to take advil and sleep all afternoon and feel somewhat better now.

What is the emergency room going to do for me?

I am going to take it real slow for the next few days which is hard with my crazy havanese! But I have been taking my elderly mom to drs. this week. She lives 1/2 hour from me and needs a lot of help.

I am hoping that if I sleep more in the middle of the day the symptoms will subside
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Take good care of yourself!!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
In a previous post on this topic you said your LLMD has suggested supportive measures. I hope they will also assess if infection might be flaring. Hopefully, the support will help. Still, it could take quite a while to bounce back (even if not a lyme flare).

Things to consider:

1. STEROIDS are given with many surgeries to address inflammation - and they don't even have to tell the patient. You might find out exactly what drugs you were given - and research the names.;f=1;t=123939;p=0

Topic: Minor surgery and steriods - complications from steroids that were not supposed to be administered.

posted by desertwind - 19 April, 2013

2. Anesthesia . . . acetaminophen . . . pain meds . . . others can overwhelm the liver. Ibuprofen can overwhelm kidney function, too. Details and what can help:;f=3;t=030792;p=0

LIVER & KIDNEY SUPPORT & and several HERXHEIMER support links, too.

3. Adrenal stress of just being there, going through all that, physically. THAT can all take a toll.

Posted by Ellen101 (Member # 35432) on :
I had a hysterectomy several years ago and it took me a long time to recover. 4 weeks is not very long at all. Your body has gone through a huge traumatic surgery not to mention the effect of surgically induced menopause. That alone can wreck havoc.

I don't know if you had it done laparoscopically or by abdominal incision...were ovaries removed..all these things make a big difference in your recovery
Also you may need some hormone replacement. Surgical menopause is nothing like the usual progression that takes place over time giving your body time to adjust to the decline in estrogen.
I would encourage you to check out this group
They have forums similar to this group. They were my lifeline after my hysterectomy. What you are experiencing right now is probably due to all the changes. Feel free to PM me if I can help.
Posted by Littlesprout (Member # 7406) on :
I had spinal fusion w auto graph. Very rough surgery! I was on leva for months after surgery. Recently I had surgery procedure for a kidney stone-stent placement Spectic, ICU for 5 days ...sicker than I have ever been. I got 4wks IV invanz Felt better over time. When I have any type of surgery. I make sure I am on some type of abx as protection

Good luck, always takes tome
Posted by crazyhavanese (Member # 42617) on :
Thank you for everyone's input.

I am feeling better today-almost like I had some kind of crazy bug yesterday (not a tick-haha).

I know I have to give myself time. I also know that it will take longer when Lyme is in the equation.

It is very hard to know if symptoms are Lyme,surgery, or something else entirely.

It can be so frustrating. I talk to non Lyne people who had similar surgery and they were back to work in 2 weeks and said they had an easy recovery, This has been far from easy...

I am thankful that I felt well enough today to go see a wonderful movie with my husband-About Time.
Loved it! And it was so god to get out!
Posted by Ellen101 (Member # 35432) on :
2 weeks??? Like I said it will depend. Some may have had it done laparaoscopically, some kept their ovaries and some like myself had major adhesions which required extensive cutting as well.

I was out of work for 8 weeks. The recovery itself took much longer than that.

Are you in surgical menopause? If so that can really mess you up.
Posted by gimpgirl (Member # 34281) on :
Last March I had hip replacement surgery. I had not been on abx for over a year, and really felt like Lyme was well behind me.

Hip replacement is a very invasive surgery and about 5 weeks after my surgery my Lyme and Co's came roaring back.

I think the stress that the surgery placed on my body lowered my immune system, and there must have been a couple pathogens hanging around. That gave them the opportunity that they needed.

I am just now starting to get back to where I was before the surgery. Once they get going, and multiply, it is so hard to get back in control.

I recommend starting up Lyme treatment again, just in case. The sooner you kill them, the less of them there will be to kill = less herxing in the long term.
Posted by crazyhavanese (Member # 42617) on :
Thankfully I am not in post surgical menopause as I am 55. I have been lucky with menopausal symptoms. I think I was too concerned with the Lyme to even notice!

I had EVERYTHING removed and TMI- it was because I had a huge fibroid wrapped around my uterus. So I would say that extensive work was done.

Gimpgirl-What do you mean by Lyme treatment? I was in Lyme and Co treatment for 4 years and tried so many things.
I always felt even worse while on everything. It was pure torture. So I am not starting Lyme treatment again.
I just don't feel bad enough again to go through IV Rocephin which was ruining my gallbladder or IM Bicillin injections,etc. etc.

I am going to take my vitamins and supplements and hope for the best.

I DO want to tell people that you should not have surgery unless it is absolutely necessary! There was a fear of malignancy in my case so I had to do it. Wish I never did but I really had no choice.
Posted by gimpgirl (Member # 34281) on :
I also did all the allopathic treatments for years, with little improvement I only got better once I went to a Naturopath and started on herbal treatments.

My treatment consists of Samento, Banderol, Houttyunia, Artemisin, Grapefruit seed extract, Curcumin, Olive leaf extract, Wormwood and Rife.

I agree with resisting surgery when ever possible. Surgery is so hard on the body, but my hip was totally ruined and I could not sit or get in and out a chair or car without terrible pain.

Now that I am getting my Lyme and Co's back in check, I am really glad that I did the hip replacement. Hopefully one of these days I will actually get back on the golf course !!
Posted by Ellen101 (Member # 35432) on :
If you had everything removed it i still a major shock to your system regardless if you had already gone through menopause.
The site I posted about can explain more.

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