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Posted by sunman (Member # 23739) on :
My doc has me off antibiotic for about 8 months working on my immune system. I've been feeling so bad and tired for the past 3 weeks I started back on Docy today at 3 pm and seem to feel better within 2 hours, is this possible? I know in the past I have felt Better within 24 hours. I have an appointment next week.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I would say it is quite possible!!

Eight months is a LONG time to be off abx!
Posted by we'll win (Member # 11112) on :
Yes. I believe it is the nature of the spirochetes. But sometimes the spirochetes are scared off for a bit, and then return for the major war, leading to us feeling pretty miserable, at least for a time.

We'll Win

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