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Posted by sparklyholiday (Member # 42456) on :
Do you have to go through your doctor? My doctor is very lyme friendly (not llmd though) and I think if I asked for the tests, she'd be happy to do it.


She's part of a larger practice and I'm not sure she'd be "allowed" to use an outside lab.

So if that's the case, how do I get the Igenex Western Blot done?
Posted by Crawgir1 (Member # 40229) on :
Contact on the web or by phone, and they will send you the test kit and instructions. If your doc will draw the blood and sign the paperwork, send the kit back on a Monday Tuesday or Wednesday to make sure it doesn't get stuck in the mail.

Make sure to get a copy of the results for yourself also. If your doc can't draw the blood for you, you can go to AnyLabTest or another draw clinic that will do it, but you'll need the doc's signature on the form.
Posted by Crawgir1 (Member # 40229) on :
Sorry, that's AnyLabTestNow. You can find their locations on the web also.
Posted by sparklyholiday (Member # 42456) on :
Thanks so much!!!
Posted by Judie (Member # 38323) on :
Igenex won't release the lab results directly to you, HOWEVER you can sign a form that they can send to you to have the results forwarded to ANY doc.

I just went through this, I had the results sent to a doc who didn't draw or order the blood draw.

Quest will do a blood draw for another lab, but they charge a fee. I'd call the labs in your area to see if they'll do a draw for you (most will charge a fee, but some won't if you're using their lab for tests and then tack on another test for another lab).

I just checked out AnyLabTestNow and the closest lab to me was 400 miles away.
Posted by LymeSwimmer (Member # 40540) on :
Also many of your local ND (naturopathic doctors) will do blood draws for a small fee and can often coordinate sending a sample to Igenex.
Posted by Crawgir1 (Member # 40229) on :
When I go to and search "blood testing South Carolina", it brings up all labs for my state. That is how I found AnyLabTestNow in Charleston to get my draw.

My first doc appt with my LLMD was on a Friday, and I had to find a place to get my blood drawn early in the week to get it to IGeneX timely.

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