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Posted by canadianmama (Member # 36298) on :
A new friend of mine, who has been sick for 30 years, and diagnosed with lyme for 2 years is doing a treatment for lyme that I have never heard of.

Her doc has prescribed blood pressure meds at 3 times the on label dosing as a treatment for lyme. THe idea is that the meds change the cell-walls to be resistant to the spiro bactieria.

I've never read anything anywhere about this type of protocol Any one else heard of this?

My friend has seen some significant improvements, but in the last couple of days has had Potassium levels of 7 (4 is normal?) and her kidney function is low. She is being told by one of the non lyme friendly docs to get of the blood pressure meds.

Her gains in the last 6 months are significant. Way more energy, better mobility. Still such a strange protocol.

I'd like to be able to help her research her protocol to help her, She isn't taking any ABX, herbs or other antimicrobials.

Any thoughts much appreciated.
Posted by Summer3 (Member # 35286) on :
What kind of blood pressure meds? Are we talking things like beta blockers or things that raise blood pressure meds like midodrine? Dr. H. talked about beta blockers affecting G. proteins and possibly being helpful for babesia in his book.
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :
I would be very skeptical of any doc who prescribed blood pressure meds as the only treatment for lyme.

I can't remember the blood pressure med hubby was prescribed to help with neurolyme. He only took about one third of the normal dose as I recall but had to discontinue it due to low blood pressure and othrostatic hypotension symptoms.

But that was only a small part of his protocol.

It was a med used as part of the Marshall protocol.

Bea Seibert
Posted by kgg (Member # 5867) on :
Benicar is the blood pressure medicine that is used with the Marshall Protocol. My son did this protocol when it first came out. It gives new meaning to the word suffering. Out of all the mistakes I have made treating lyme that is the worse one. It is dangerous.

Please steer clear of this protocol! imho.
Posted by canadianmama (Member # 36298) on :
Thanks for the info folks.

The doc my friend is seeing has been "into" the Marshall Protocol for years, so I imagine that is why he has prescribed this blood pressure med.

I'm carefully and tactfully trying to get my new friend to get a second opinion on her treatments.

It's difficult because I really sense that she wants to believe in her doc, but this protocol sounds very strange and doesn't seem to be addressing any on her coinfectors (bart and can't remember)

My son saw this doc early on in our search for a treatment plan and I immediately decided to go another route as he prescribed a very long lasting, high dose antibiotic despite my sons history of severely compromised detox.

Thanks again for the thoughts.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Forget the Marshall Protocol!!
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :
Yes, Benicar is the med hubby took. He did not do the full Marshall protocol -- only took that one med. He did find it somewhat helpful, but as I mentioned he stopped it due to side effects.

Bea Seibert

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