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Posted by Bitten in Bergen (Member # 34067) on :
I have a friend whose son has the telltale bartonella red streaks on both sides of his waist.

Now I have been told that he is a pathological liar. Additional symptoms include forgetting to eat/having no appetite.

Any links to a connection, especially the lying?

Hoping to provide credible evidence so that they will take this seriously...

Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
I don't know about the pathological lying, but I do know that bartonella increases impulsivity.

So perhaps this individual, at the time he/she says these things has full intention of following through. However, those things were said under the influence of bartonella.

I also know that bartonella increases self destructive behaviour and tendency towards danger or self harm.

Hope this helps.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
I know a few people who have had untreated Bartonella for a long time and they are pathological liars. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

If this link works I've done a search for you on some neuro-psych symptoms caused by tick borne disease. Dr. Br has written some excellent articles on the subject.

Another LLMD reports...

"..patients infected with Bartonella can have a variety of mental health symptoms. Since Bartonella can clearly cause neurologic disorders, we feel the presence of psychiatric disorders is a reasonable expectation."

If you want to interest the parents in checking this out, perhaps stick with the obvious symptoms like the rash. This site has several Bartonella pics.

Good luck!
Posted by Bitten in Bergen (Member # 34067) on :
Thanks so much Tin!
Posted by ktkdommer (Member # 29020) on :
I have been reading every article by Dr. B. in NJ. He specializes in Lyme Psychiatry. I found most of his articles posted on the MA Lyme Association.

We are going through a lot with my 18 year old son and he is a compulsive liar. The problem I believe is that he believes himself. Makes life as a family very difficult. So many issues on top of that. They all seem to run together.

We are focusing now on who is going to diagnose whatever it is. Psych doesn't seem to want to put anything formally down as he is young. I want to know what we are dealing with since he cannot attend school or work.

My son can't and won't stop eating. It is like he is driven to eat.

His bart marks are back to very deep purple and are in several places now. Prior they cleared up, turned white and were in only a couple of places.

How do we know what we can blame on bart?

Good luck!
Posted by Bitten in Bergen (Member # 34067) on :
Hi Kari - thanks. For what it's worth, Bart symptoms can and frequently overlap with protomyxzoa rheumatica and its variants.

Our family has lyme & co and my husband and one child had severe mood issues - severe irritability, rages, etc.

Our LLMD (in PA) had them on a biofilm protocol that took care of their mood issues in 3 weeks. Whenever there was a flareup of mood issues again (only with child), the biofilm agents were increased and, lo and behold, the mood issues subsided again.

The protocol includes lumbrokinase (boluoke), nattokinase and sometimes serrapeptase taken with 10-20 drops of parsley drops 45 minutes before food. Then at bedtime, binders are taken (usually charcoal; sometimes also microchitosan). More info at

Hope this is helpful and thanks so much for your reply.

Hope we can convey the importance of getting our friends' son evaluated. His life is a mess and he is one step away from living on the streets. It is so, so sad.
Posted by droid1226 (Member # 34930) on :
Hate to say it but I've met many other sick people since starting this illness and a good majority of them turn out to be absolute liars after I get to know them.

It's totally useless stuff too. Like what they did that day or what city they live in. Idk.

Thought it was a generational or cultural thing that was happening but it could be bartonella absolutely.

Doesn't give us much credibitly.
Posted by Bitten in Bergen (Member # 34067) on :
Thanks droid - that's the thing - this kid is lying about the big things, but more importantly about the little things, too.

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