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Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Berberine induces apoptosis in human multiple myeloma cell line U266 through hypomethylation of p53 promoter.

February, 2014

Apoptosis = cell death
P53 is a tumor *suppressor* gene that in cancer is MUTATED.

Multiple myeloma linked to lyme?
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
Can't get that first link to work, so here is another one;

Which brand of berberine are people buying for lyme?
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
First link worked once again for me...

I hate/love computers!

But...if others have a problem, thanks for a second link.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Glycox looks to be helpful.

Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
So please translate-is berberine good or bad cuz i am just about to use it and i am already watching 3 cancers(for those who love me all are non-aggressive, slow growing,and only 5% chance they will kill me...but stilll...)
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Berberine looks to be VERY helpful and works in MANY ways very similar to Minocycline. is likely berberine should NOT be taken in conjunction with some other drugs and possibly with some other OTC supplements.

It is IMPERATIVE you do not take berberine unless your doctor (and a pharmacist/pharmacists) agree there should not be any negative interaction based on their current knowledge.

Berberine inhibits a particular liver (primarily) enzyme that is needed to

metabolize many drugs.

Sometimes it is the "metabolite" of a drug that is actually the active/working component. The METABOLITE of Tamoxifen, for example, is the working component. It is imperative that the liver enzyme(s) that break down Tamoxifen are present

in the right amounts.

Now, genetically some persons either are slow, moderate, fast or ultrafast metabolizers using THAT liver enzyme - the one that berberine inhibits.

A (genetic) duplicate copy of THAT enzyme can -> death from a particular pain killer.

Children who have duplicate copies of that liver enzyme convert codeine -> morphine really really fast. They are ultrafast metabolizers.

Morphine is a respiratory DEPRESSANT.

This is rare, but in several instances codeine given to certain persons can cause death.

The knowledge of whether or not you are a slow metabolizer, moderate metabolizer, fast metabolizer or ultrafast metabolizer is the basis of genetic testing to decide the *dosage* you may need during cancer therapy...less or more.

For (tryptophan) reasons, the highest level of Prozac allowed appears to have protected my sis from "neuro" lyme. She began taking it a few years into lyme. However, it did NOT protect her from very very destructive arthritis (6 joints replaced so far).

That LIVER enzyme that berberine inhibits is involved in tryptophan metabolism too.

The LIVER enzyme I am talking about is CYP2D6.

According to Wikipedia:

"This enzyme *also* metabolizes several endogenous substances such as hydroxytryptamines and neurosteroids."

Hydroxytryptamine = 5HT = serotonin.

That enzyme appears to be in locations other than the liver too:

For example:

"Human White Blood Cells Synthesize Morphine:

CYP2D6 Modulation"

Many years ago I remember reading that Bb cannot grow without tryptophan. I am taking an educated guess, but it appears Bb needs a metabolite of tryptophan to survive. And we metabolize it for "him".

And antibodies to that enzyme can happen.

You can "Google" this: CYP2D6 Antibody

And just scroll down the list of links...until you reach "autoimmune"

There are many viruses that cross react and trigger TGFb (Transforming growth factor beta)...NOT good. Several viruses have similar/identical "antigens" = proteins = a certain chain of amino acids arranged in a particular sequence.

There are many cancers that berberine AND minocycline look to effect.

If you "Google" : berberine cancer OR minocycline cancer

You will begin to "see"....just skim the list of links.

We need cancer cells (DNA damaged - multiplying out of control) to die and the protein that is involved is p53. *Mutations of* that protein = problems. That protein PREVENTS cancer.

"Here, we show that TGFbeta-dependent cell migration, invasion and metastasis

are empowered by ***mutant-p53***

and opposed by p63."

One thing I would like to tell you is that berberine looks to impact stem cells too.


Read the last sentence.

In the first paragraph in the above link, berberine is said to impact Topoisomerase:

Topoisomerases are *enzymes* that regulate the overwinding or underwinding of DNA.

The insertion of ***viral*** DNA into chromosomes and other forms of recombination can also require the action of topoisomerases.


Enzymes, genes, antigens, proteins = chains of amino acids in a particular sequence.

I think the p8 protein that Bb initially picks up in the tick's saliva is a retroviral protein called HTLV-1 which triggers a "remembrance" of our exposure to other viruses we have had in the past and upregulates TFGb.

This protein helps Bb evade an appropriate immune response...from the get-go.

Berberine appears to lower TFGb.

Read the last sentence.

I want to give you the KNOWLEDGE and information so YOU WITH YOUR DOCTOR'S HELP (and God's help!) can make the best decision in order for you to recover your health.

IMO, you must BELIEVE that God wants you to live a long and healthy life. It is God, You, and Your doctor working together that equals a healing "trinity" of sorts.

God bless.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
see...there is no way this can make sense to me

i wish i had your brain

"It is IMPERATIVE you do not take berberine unless your doctor (and a pharmacist/pharmacists) agree there should not be any negative interaction based on their current knowledge.

none of my docs know anything about supps...or meds for that matter...they only know some about their favs i think

im not on tamox but now i am afraid to take the berberine-----i ordered it cuz others had good luck with it esp with reflux

oh well...who wants some berberine
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :

Ask your pharmacist if any of your meds require that liver enzyme CYP2D6. If none of your meds do, then you should be ok with the berberine. And a pharmacist SHOULD know the answer to this...


Thanks for sharing all this. So does this mean that Berberine could possibly also PREVENT infection with Lyme?

In other words, it seems that berberine counter-acts Bb's attempt at hijacking or hiding from the immune system, so does that mean that our immune system could then wipe out Bb from first exposure, IF we were to have sufficient Berberine in our body at the time of exposure?
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Prevent? Hum...

What if someone unknowingly has TWO copies of CYP2D6?

Dosage/timing then? (Berberine inhibits that enzyme.)

Danger of 2 copies of CYP2D6 and codeine - whoa!:

That makes a person an *ultrafast metabolizer*...codeine-> morphine -> respiratory arrest.

IMO...someday "genetics" will help doctors determine which drugs/supplements can help us safely. There ARE work-arounds to genetic differences!

Here is one try at a work around involving fragile X, for example:

P.S. I have a close friend whose mother and brother both developed multiple myeloma which puts her at increased RISK.

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