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Posted by opus2828 (Member # 15407) on :
What time of day do you take rifampin? I'm taking tetracycline with it. Are they taken together? My LLMD said whenever. Thanks.
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Hi Opus,

When I was taking mino and rifampin, I took them a half hour to and hour before meals. Breakfast and dinner.

When I was taking rifampin and zith, I did the same.

Doxy need to be taken with a meal.

I'm pretty sure rifampin should be taken on an empty stomach. At least that is what the pharms told me.
Posted by opus2828 (Member # 15407) on :
Oh ok. Tetracycline needs a meal so I guess I'll take rifampin before bed then. Thanks.

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