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Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
Hi Everyone!

I have not visited in a long time. Unfortuately still not quite done with this yet. Hope all of you are better, done, or well on the way!

I think one of my problems may be worms. Not intestinal but everywhere. Not sure what kinds of worms go everywhere in the body. I am still lerning - wish I did not have to learn this.

My doc said I could use an herbal, called "Parasite" from the Mom's Organic Market. It contains Quassia Wood, Fresh (black) green Walnut Hulls, Fresh Garrya Herb, Clove bud, Bayberry root bark. I don't think he is worried about this - but I am. Maybe you could help?

I get the most aweful and strong sensations in my calves and left chest. After starting Cowden herbs, my left chest was jumping so much, I went to see a cardiologist. My heart was fine.

Still, when I get "an attack" of whatever is doing this, I feel frightened since it feels like something is twitching and making my heart beat funny (fast and irregularly) and I cannot control it and never know what is going to happen next.

Also, after starting the Cowden herbs, I got the most aweful cough that would not go away for 6 months. It hurt to breathe in deeply and felt like my bronchi were raw.

Could this be worms shifting in the body since the Cowden herbs are anti-parasite as well?

Also, I got a dark field microscope and started looking at the thick yellow stuff I cough up and accumulate under the skin in places - it contains lots of long structures and smaller oval ones.

Worms and eggs is my suspicion, but it is very difficult for a layperson to learn to prepare slides and identify what can be seen properly.

Never-the-less, I bought a digital camera with the scope and maybe I can get help from someone more experienced soon. Does anyone know if a parasitology site that may help you identify species from images you can post?

Something has to be done to identify what is going on. The medical field is not interested in making a proper diagnosis if it is too difficult or not lucrative enough, I suppose, so I started to try to take a look myself.

The other questions with which I would appreciate any and all help is the one about the expected reaction to a anti-parasite treatment:

1)can you ramp up slowly without causing resistances? (the dose it 30 drops twice a day - I would like to start with 1 drop twice a day and go from there, drop by drop)

2)if you are full of worm everywhere, is it dangerous to kill them (all at once)? dogs can die from heart-worm treatment, can't they? have you heard of adverse reactions in people and how dangerous can they become?

3)how can you help the body to deal with the dying worm load (is there is one)? any tips on what one could do if one took the parasite killers and then things go south (if one took too much at once by accident)?

yes, I am a bit nervous about this, since I think this may be my problem and killing parasites that are everywhere in the body must have an effect on body functions, I imagine -

I already feel the effects of the "bugs (bacteria, parasites)" while they are alive in there - so...

By the way, I got the trilogy: Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia (duncani) for sure. Other parasites have not been shown officially.

Thank you for any and all answers! [group hug]


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Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Yes yes yes, ramp up slowly.

Do not do full dose right away. Work up to it.

In intestines, killing worms too fast can make a

Hence going slow when starting, so body can keep up.

Eat high vegetable fiber foods, drink lots of filtered water.

Eating apples helps, because of fibre and pectin.
Chlorella and activated charcoal away from all meds with big glass water will help pull toxins away.

Tincture will also kill yeast and protozoas.

I just started clay baths. Help for detox.

Good luck. You will feel better-more energy with parasite tincture.

I like your microscope experiments. Wish I had a microscope too.
[group hug]
Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
Thank you, GretaM!

Where do you get the Chlorella and activate charcoal? Do you just follow the instructions on the package?
Posted by Nancy L (Member # 42733) on :
I use Source Naturals chlorella, the dosage on the bottle (5tabs with meals once or twice a day). It is my primary detox, and I use it almost every day, one dose, and two if I am taking killing drugs.

It is a food, and good safety record. Almost nothing makes me herx, so I think it works well. My new LLMD says to take it far away from minocycline. (may be an antioxidant)

Activated charcoal is a quick fix for poisons in your system but will take out some minerals, I understand.

Black walnut hulls (the hulls of the black walnut tree nuts are green) are a known anti-parasitic. Not familiar with the other ingredients.

Please give feedback if this anti-parasitic product helps you a lot. Thanks.
Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
Thank you, NancyL!

Someone asked about the scope in a private message and I don't mind sharing - it's just that I am not a good source of information about scopes, since I am just starting with them.

The one I got and related items so far:

AmScope T690C-DK-PL 40X-2500X Professional Infinity Plan Kohler Trinocular Darkfield Microscope

AmScope MU300 3.0 MP USB2.0 Microscope Digital Camera + Software 3.0 MP, Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS 10.6 & Up

OMAX 100 Sheets Microscope and Camera Lens Cleaning Paper

AmScope 50pc Pre-Cleaned Blank Ground Edge Glass Microscope Slides and 100pc Pre-Cleaned Square Glass Cover Slips Coverslips

You can find all those on amazon if you copy and paste the information into their search window.

If anyone has any information or opinion about these items and their usefulness, I'd appreciate your post.

Like I said, I am still learning how to use them efffectively and would be grateful for any input.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
I remember how I felt after thinking I might have parasites. Thankfully, Gael has been steadfast in graciously providing her experience/suggestions with using herbal products and salt/c.

I just knew in my gut I had them and had to get them out. So after reading all about parasites here on Lymenet, I jumped full bore into it by taking over the counter anti parasitic herbal products, as well as salt/c. My body is sensitive, so I did these separately and went slowly with them.

I understand your concern about what will happen, but no one knows for sure with anything, as we are all so very different. Herbal products can be strong, but you can always start out on the child's dose (that's what I did).

I do herx on the parasite stuff if I do to much of it. Just like when killing lyme, you have die off, but in addition to them dying, the bugs release more toxins and metals that can make the herxes bad, so you need binders for this.

I suggest reading every page of THE PARASITE WARRIOR's SUPPORT THREAD. It has many people's experiences with what they used, and what their reactions were.

As far as Cowden's products, it may be that they hit some of the bugs, or it's possible you picked up a virus (cough). It's hard to say for sure. Once I started treating parasites I noticed pin prick feelings in my heart. Those went away and have never been back since.

Herbal products like Cowden's do hit some bugs, which is why they work for many people. They hit lyme, viruses, microbes, some parasites, etc. They don't kill everything but IMO, they are great for helping to manage co infections, so they are one of the many tools in my arsenal to help fight the fight. That said, I don't rely on them for killing off the larger parasites.

Don't be nervous about killing all of them. You can't possibly kill all the bugs at once. Nature designed them to slowly grow undetected, which is why they are so easily missed. Treatment is a long term deal.

Best wishes!
Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
Thanks, Catgirl!

Is there a good way to find the THE PARASITE WARRIOR's SUPPORT THREAD?

I am having trouble finding it... [Frown]
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
I took herbals for my tapeworm and full dose right away. One the second night (I think) I had tremendous pain with the feeling of all my chest cavity including down to my abdomen for about 20 minutes.

I felt like I was going to die.

After that I didn't feel a thing for the rest of the 18 day treatment.

I agree with what was said above- EVERYONE reacts differently.
Posted by LisaK (Member # 41384) on :
Sorry for above wordage- I had terrible sleep last night!

SO.... ON the second night I had terrible pain that felt like all mu organs were twisting and spazzing like mad
Posted by canefan17 (Member # 22149) on :
My opinion is leave them alone and don't stir the pot. They release tons of stuff upon death. And as fast as you can kill them they reproduce.

It was a never-ending battle for me that saw no gains and in fact probably made me worse.

Everyone has parasites - what brought you here was Lyme & Coinfections.
Just my opinion... I know some disagree and I respect that.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Part of the downside to ignoring parasites is that if they have disseminated into the brain, tissues and organs, it is considered a hyperinfection and left untreated can become very dangerous and life threatening.

I do understand why someone would shy away from tx, however if you are chronically ill with most of the symptoms listed on a parasites list, not treating can keep you in a chronic state of Lyme and co. They also protect the other bacteria such as bb and bart making tx more difficult.

I had SEVERE asthma and had several bouts of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis from lungworms. It has been completely irradicated with antiparasitics and salt/c.

If you have 4th stage cancer, not treating would not be an option. Everyone has to decide what makes the most sense for them.

Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :
I admit, I hate treating parasites, however, as I get cleaner, my immune system gets stronger,

and as my immune system gets stronger, I feel better.

I am one who believes chronic Lyme bacteria and chronic Bartonella cannot ever be 100% eradicated in myself, but taken down enough,

and my immune system strengthened enough, to keep it in check.
The parasites take nutrients from food, and body.
And can clog liver processing.

I couldn't do antibiotics any longer, or again. Grateful I was able to do them hardcore for a solid 18 months, had my last 2 months feeling great, went off to herbs only, now off treatment herbs for Lyme and Bart too.

Some find mold has kept their recovery from progressing, others it's parasites and gut health.

Furthermore, my experience has been the more and longer parasites are treated, the weaker they become, then they leave. Yeast acts the same way with me, cleaner you are, it then can leave the body.

Clean strong immune system doesn't keep them and it around.
But it hasn't been quick, nor without strife. Still in the process, but it gets easier.

Original OP, die off from parasite treatment was like die off from Lyme, but more gut centered- keeping bowels moving is imperative, exercise to sweat and circulate, rest, all the same detox methods and supplements,

and diet.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
You're welcome Harmony. :) Here is the thread:
Posted by Nancy L (Member # 42733) on :
Catgirl, what herbal parasitic medicine did you take that gave you the pinprick heart reaction? I have some heart arrhythmia and racing, and sometimes feel pressure.

Lisa, what parasitic herbal/med did you take for tapeworms?

Gael, what one for lungworms?

Thanks you all for your help with this, when you have time [Smile]
Posted by surprise (Member # 34987) on :
I don't want to be gross and scare anyone off, but tapeworms are difficult, I wish there was a one day and done treatment,

but you actually have to see either the whole thing come out at once, which you can't miss, or it's head and the rest in pieces.

Yes, I know you all are throwing up a little in your mouth,
but hey, it's the topic. And true.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Nancy L,

The salt/c and just the regular antiparasitic herbs such as Parastroy, Humaworm etc got rid of my asthma that I had for over 40 yrs.

Posted by Harmony (Member # 32424) on :
Thank you so much for the thread, CatGirl!
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
You're welcome!

Nancy, it was either the med my doc put me on, iver, or pinx (took them both at the same time).
Posted by IMHisda (Member # 6998) on :
Harmony, Use alka seltzer gold for herxheimer reactions.
Posted by mojo (Member # 9309) on :
several years ago I did some 30 day cleanses and not enough "in between" I reduced my parasite load, though.

When I rifed regularly for parasites (all kinds) for about a year then did one last cleanse (I rotated cleanses) I felt I got all of them

My skin was awesome and my acne cleared (in my early 50's!) My skin wasn't dry and itchy anymore. It was amazing.

I know I need to address this again but can tell my problem is not nearly as bad as before.

My husband (now deceased) didn't like to cleanse and I'm sure he reinfected me.

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