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Posted by willo7 (Member # 24263) on :
The last couple days I have had a tickle in my throat, itchy

Nose, forehead, scalp and random spots on my body. Also a

Weird sensation in my head. What is going on??? Also a

Worsening of other symptoms. And this is weird, but every

Once in awhile I have a weird pop in my throat- almost as if I

Have one of those pop rock candies in there! Can anyone

Relate? Could really use some help! Thanks!!! [confused]
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
Posted by willo7 (Member # 24263) on :
Thank you Razzle!!! Any input on the best thing to do to clear it???

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Candida Diet and Elimination:

Another Candida Diet list:

Symptoms of Candida:

Systemic Yeast and its Importance in Remission:
Posted by IMHisda (Member # 6998) on :
Hand nueropathy feeling is Lyme.

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