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Posted by MTMT (Member # 40756) on :
I have been noticing odd feelings on the right side of my penis, groin, but, and anal area ranging from burning, itching, slight shooting pains, and sometimes what feels like muscle spasms in the prostate area. The skin feeling on my penis has had my attention for a while and worrying it may be STD related but 6 months post my last sexual encounter routine tests during that time have ruled such items out.

It has been bothering me a lot the past few weeks and is making me hypersensitive and thinking about it constantly. I finally tried searching my symptoms tonight and found out about the pedundal nerve. This fits my desription of such a wide range of feels that never seemed to fit other things like prostatis. Sure enough all the websites talking about it mention ruling out Lyme disease as cause.

Anyone have any experience and insight into this? My next appointment with my Lyme doc is next week. I am going to discuss it with the doc but just wondered if anyone else has been dealing with this.
Posted by Splashi1 (Member # 28173) on :

I don't know much about prudendal nerve problems, but I believe that burning and itching can be another way pain shows up. Hence, it sounds as though it could be nerve related.

Best of luck with the LLMD!

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