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Posted by pointermom (Member # 43153) on :
I've been working outside, tramping around in woods and farm fields

Found one tick attached last night and another this morning.

I've been on abx since January for existing Lyme infection.

Spoke to LLMD this morning,she says continue same abx.

Anybody else had this situation?

Does this make sense?
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :

Yes, makes sense, especially if you are on a combo that gets all forms.

Me too, I have been pulling ticks off dogs like crazy already this year.

I wear Bug spray and shower as soon as I come in-haven't found any on me yet (knock on wood), but I can't believe how many nymphs are out where I live.

I love nature and gardening and outdoors too much to avoid, but it really is risky.

I think if I wasn't on abx currently, I maybe would avoid it.
Posted by pointermom (Member # 43153) on :
Thanks! I wondered if I should switch back to doxy, but LLMD says current combo is okay

I used 100% deet and showered as soon as I got back to my hotel room (working in Indiana).

then found tick after I got back from dinner.

I suspect the tick was in the room on my dirty clothes and bit me after I washed the deet off my skin
Posted by KH111 (Member # 25829) on :
I would also say you need to watch out for co-infections. Each new tick bite could give you different things. So if you start to feel worse all of a sudden consider this a possibility.

Sorry this happened. Take care.
Posted by LymeXtu (Member # 24590) on :
Just a couple of thoughts you may or may not know:

You should spray Permethrin on any clothing-shoes-socks if you know you will be in long grass, woods etc.

It needs to be sprayed on ahead of time and allowed to dry before putting clothes on, it cannot be used on skin!

Also, any time you expose yourself to known tick environments you should tuck your pants into your socks, your shirt into your pants so the ticks have to crawl up all the layers to find skin and hopefully you will see them before they attach.

I use high white soccer socks (sprayed with permethrin ahead of time ) with my pants ( also light colored and sprayed ) tucked into them and have seen ticks crawling up and then when they sense the permethrin they stop and try to spin around and drop off - this stuff really works well !!

MUCH BETTER than deet for ticks and then you should not have to even use the deet spray on your skin unless mosquitoes are a problem.

So sorry you got bit again.

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