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Posted by pepper8 (Member # 13660) on :
I got Lyme in August 2007. I was on various antibiotics from Dr. P in Connecticut for 2 years, but I was getting tons of side effects. Then I read Buhner's book about naturally healing Lyme, so I started the andrographis/cat's claw/resveratrol protocol. I was symptom-free for 1.5 years and then I had a relapse.

I started going to a naturopath who had me on other herbal supplements, I started using a sauna, and working out.

Now, I have been mostly symptom free for the past few years. I have occasional flare-ups, but nothing terrible.

I have been running so much without problems that I completed a half marathon last June and a full marathon last October. I'm currently training for the half marathon again this June.

But then this week came. The weather has been terrible - rainy and humid for the past few days. I started feeling achy. Yesterday my back and knees were especially painful and today it's even worse. My whole body is in a high level of pain. My knees ache, my back aches, just walking around is a task.

Has anyone had pain this extreme just from the weather? I always notice that the rain does cause joint inflammation for me, but not usually to this degree. Or may this be an actual relapse of the Lyme?

Thoughts? Advice? Help?

Any runners out there have any advice?

Posted by desertwind (Member # 25256) on :
I am very similar too you. Long distance runner/triathlete (5k's to marathons to half ironmans). Got sick in 2004 and got better under the care of Dr. H. over the past couple of years.

I was doing good and then got bit again a month ago. Did doxy for 30 days but did not seem to help with some of the joint pain I have been getting.

I have been getting alot of the joint pain you are describing but that is not my typical Lyme presentation. I am was mostly neuro stuff.

I have been wondering about the weather as well. I also changed my running shoes and have been hiking in worn out old runnung shoes and not my typical hiking boots. This morning my hips are sore, ribs are sore, toes, a.c., ankle ect.... I do think weather/allergies can cause problems but then it the new/old shoes? recent bite?

I don't feel "sick" just achy which is not common for me and it started after the last tick bite and when I started messing w/ my running shoes and when the allergies/weather changed.

I wish I had some answers for you but instead I am pretty much asking the same question as you! Maybe someone else will chime in. DW
Posted by pepper8 (Member # 13660) on :
Hmm, I wonder if I may have been bitten recently without knowing. I have been hiking quite a bit with my dog and I did pull an engorged tick off of him, so the vet gave me antibiotics for him. i never found a tick on me, but then again, I never found a tick on me the first time I got Lyme either.

I don't think it should have to do with the shoes. I did get new racing shoes, so maybe I'll stick to my regular training sneakers for a bit to see if that changes anything.

I'm also just feeling super achy. I took Thursday off from running and actually took a nap. I NEVER take naps -- only when I'm very sick.

Yesterday I tried to run 3 miles. And I finished. But it was painful.

Today I planned to run another 3, but I'm just in way too much pain. So I took my dog on a short walk instead.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to clear up, so I'm curious to see if anything changes.

I have been feeling so great lately and planning to sign up for other races and possibly even the Tough Mudder in the fall. And I'm beyond grateful I'm in the position to even consider some of this stuff because if you spoke to me 5 years ago, I NEVER would have thought I'd be able to run. But now that I've been so active, the thought of another relapse is just crushing my morale completely.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
To the runners.....Maybe consider doing salt/c and some antiparasitic herbs as maintenance. The salt kills bb according to lymestrategies and any parasites in the g.i, track would be killed by the combo. Salt is depleted in warm weather and running.

Just some thoughts.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
My thought was reinfection. Perhaps you could get a round of antibiotics just in case?
Posted by desertwind (Member # 25256) on :
My dog is on doxy all the time now for chronic infection but I have found numerous tick on her and some engorged.

I found a couple of engorged ticks just crawling on the floor and some crawling on me and then the one attached to me. It is a freakin tick fest.

I really do not know what to think cuz I did Doxy and it did not help....Was told to go on Biaxin/Rifampin but still not convienced it is a new infection.

Perhaps you could try a course of Doxy and see if that helps? Are you open to doing that?

glm; I am on a handful of herbal antipara.'s right now as well as anti-fungals. Taking 2k of C.

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