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Posted by iwouldratherbeatdisney (Member # 20602) on :
My doctor has me pulsing with tinidazole and I am also on 10 day course of Flagyl. Everything I have read has said that you are not to have alcohol with these drugs and the tincture contains alcohol. I don't think my doctor would have told me to take it if it was going to hurt me?? I know that just a small amount of alcohol(communion at Mass) throws me into a migraine when I was on the tinidazole before. I have called the doctor but no return call yet. Maybe I should just put this one I bought back for later and get a teasel tincture without alcohol??
Posted by GretaM (Member # 40917) on :
Sometimes I will add some warm water to tincture in a glass and swirl it.

The theory is when the heat dissipates it also helps evaporate the alcohol in tinctures.

I try to do this the night before/12 hours before to allow as much time for the alcohol to evaporate.
Posted by iwouldratherbeatdisney (Member # 20602) on :
Hmmm ok that is interesting. Wouldn't it just be better and safer to take a tincture without alcohol? I probably don't want to add the tincture just yet as I am herxing and don't want to overload my system.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Teasel doesn't do much anyway. If you do some searching you might be able to find one without alcohol.
Posted by iwouldratherbeatdisney (Member # 20602) on :
Yes I had already ordered and got the one with alcohol in it so will put that away and order one without alcohol. Lymetoo what do you mean it doesn't do much? my doctor said that a lot of people had felt better on it

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